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London School of Economics Offers Online Certificate Course On Crypto Investment

London School of Economics, one of the premier institutions of the world has recently introduced an online course on crypto investing. The coveted institution has educated 18 nobel laureates. Several world leaders will now be training future cryptocurrency investment leaders very soon.


As Financial Times reported on 9th July, LSE appears to be lending its repute and expertise to the world of cryptocurrencies, with a new online course entitled “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption.”


London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) plans to offer this online course for £1800 for sixty hours of learning. ‘Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption’ will be led by Dr Carsten Sørensen, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Innovation.


Many other colleges and universities have recently started to introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation into their educational modules. As of late, Duke University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon and Cornell have all declared courseware regarding the subject starting this fall. Although, it was New York University that pioneered the course. In 2014, David Yermack, a business and law teacher at the college, started offering a four-credit course on crypto.


About the course, LSE stated, “For over one hundred years, LSE’s motto has been to ‘understand the cause of things’. This online certificate course pairs practical crypto asset knowledge with the theoretical thought leadership for which LSE is renowned.”


The course, “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption,” is intended to provide  the course takers “practical skills to interact with cryptocurrency exchanges.”


LSE specifies that the course was designed to facilitate “private organisations, individual investors, financial service firms, governments and regulatory bodies (to understand the) highly disruptive trend” of cryptocurrencies. It additionally clarified its planning in offering the course, saying, “The exponential growth and volatility of cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology underpinning them has led to a global interest in crypto assets, ICOs and the distribution of digital wealth.”


As per the course description, the students will “explore how cryptocurrencies and blockchain will shape the future of money, markets and industries with International cohort of professionals. Set against theoretical frameworks from LSE, the knowledge in this course will enable the students to critically engage with and assess the cause of things in the crypto asset world—not only in today’s volatile cryptocurrency market but for years to come.”


The first  batch for the course begins on 14 August 2018 and will take a month and a half to finish with an estimated commitment of around seven to ten hours for each week.


The University of Malta has also started a blockchain course, which will commence in the beginning of October.

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