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Let’s take a look at the Crypto campaign for Venezuela

Crypto Campaign for Venezuela

Direct transfer of  $1 million in the crypto donations to Venezuela residents is going to take place with the help of a charitable campaign. There are 60,000 beneficiaries.  Revelation of news was in an interview between the leader of the campaign and National public radio on April 21st. Steven Hanke is the professor of applied economics at a renowned university (Johns Hopkins). He was also known to be the economic adviser to the president Rafael Cladera between the years 1955-1966.

The professor is making use of the Airdrop Venezuela and E-bank infrastructure of Air TM(A startup by Mexico). There is also a native crypto token of the United States (AirUSD). The-wallet service is something that supports nine cryptocurrencies according to the press release of the year 2018.

Professor Hanke tells that the campaign is in the function with the sole aim of having a million of I.D. of the verified residents of Venezuela also that I million dollars can be qualified for donations. There are 60,000 beneficiaries. The $272,000 was raised since the launch in fall 2018.

In response to the question put by the NPR, the CEO of Air TM revealed one of his desires to work with the opposition leader of Venezuela (Juan Guaido) in the future. Again this was stressed by the professor in front of the media that the intentions of the AirDrop Venezuela are quite clear and are also purely humanitarian. There is no such political motivation. This help gives the people the power to make a purchase.

He also then emphasized the intention of the campaign saying that the campaign is solely dedicated to the use the technique of crypto for relief so that the relief agencies can have a secure and transparent fund to aid people whenever they require.

The economic turmoil

The country is in a dilemma and the economic turmoil is going to be a part of the huge change. With this, the economic condition of the nation is about to have a great change and a part of that the crypto market will also have a greater market. This will be of great help to keep all the funds transparently and thereby this will help with better management.

Venezuela is a nation that has been through a lot with the political and economic crisis. Despite of this, in this February the trade had reached unbelievable heights. This year the nation ha to witness many more alteration. According to Cointelegraph, the crypto market in Venezuela is about to bring a major alteration in the whole world. The Venezuela opposition has agreed to the changes, thus there are many upcoming schemes to fix economy of the nation.

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