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Is Freecash a new direction for decentralized cryptocurrencies?

Freecash is the upgrade to Satoshi’s frame designing, its technology infrastructure is root from BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and BTC (Bitcoin).

Freecash mainly improved the economic model and governance mechanism of Satoshi’s frame.

Freecash started from genesis block which is not a fork coin without any pre-mining or crowdfunding. (to see more:

Freecash originates from the scaling war of bitcoin and the evolution of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It inherits the code, the goal of peer-to-peer electronic cash, and the evolution path of free evolution. It was an extension of the cryptocurrency experiment which was carried out by Satoshi Nakamoto, the early BTC community, and the BCH community.

Freecash will conduct experiments on some hard issues BCH face such as developer incentives, community governance models, shortening block time, and 25 consecutive unconfirmed transfer limits. These may provide BCH with successful experiences or failed lessons to help BCH mature.

Freecash has two core features:

1. Set up public governance funds. That is, a public governance fund is directly generated in coinbase, which is used to motivate developers and public governance in the community.

2. Support harmonious bifurcation evolution. Encourage forks to try different market directions under the same mining algorithm and maintain community harmony.

Freecash is suitable as an introductory experiment for beginners and as a testing ground for developers. It is not suitable for investment and speculation. Anyone who wants to learn and develop cryptocurrency and more crypto applications is welcome to participate.

Freecash uses the sha256 algorithm to mine, and btc, bch and bsv miners can mine Freecash. Freecash was launched at 00:00 on January 1, 2020, with a current computing power of 160P and a maximum computing power of 550P. The largest mining pool is

Currently, there are 9 FCH trading pairs on 7 exchanges, including USDT trading pairs such as and, and USDT, BTC and BCH trading pairs of

Freecash genesis post:

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