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IOOX is all set to list on VinDAX Exchange on 4th May.

on 04 May, IOOX COINwill be listed on vindax. ioox coin is the first cryptocurrency to have its own wearable payment device. In upcoming months IOOX COIN will list on two more exchanges.

IOOX COIN is a new way to use crypto currencies more fundamentally. And through IOOX COIN users can use it for a variety of desired payment needs, including paying coffee, sandwiches without the hassle of carrying cash. This is a new method owned by IOOX COIN that can be used in real life.

IOOX COIN can exchange without supervision or intermediation from third parties, greatly reducing or even eliminating counterparty risk (third parties or participants, both banks or customers, with whom financial transactions are made, or parties conducting transactions finance). And its users are in control of all their information and transactions. Through Blockchain data that is complete, consistent, timely, accurate, and widely available. And certainly through Iox Coin can use this coin as a transaction and purchase tool for daily activities.

Some Of The Features Possessed By IOOX COIN Is ;  

Funds Of Management, finance is one of the most attractive ways to use crypto currencies. And IOOX COIN provides an opportunity for users to use IOOX COIN without any limitations. This method will give you the ability to manage crypto asset portfolios freely and transparently.

Digital Marketing, To increase the relevance of content to display advertisements, the company IOOX COIN has introduced this technology to track engagement to get important information for the needs and development of users.

Transparent Way Of Working, through IOOX COIN users can use crypto currencies to the fullest. Through a transparent way of working for everyone. And because of its ability to maintain corporate accountability, Blockchain can eliminate many of the problems of leakage of funds at charities. That is why the company uses Blockchain to safely distribute cash assistance to its employees. There is no third party intermediary that can play a role in the transaction, and all transaction details are transparently presented for analysis by everyone.

Who want more benefits from the existence of blockhain technology, of course we all want that with the existence of blockhain technology, it will be very beneficial for our daily activities and serves as our daily transaction tool. And through ioox Coin, we will experience the actual function and benefits of this blockhain technology.

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