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Indian authorities utilise blockchain for issuing birth certificates birth, a platform built upon blockchain, that helps facilitate public participation and identification, is being utilised by government agencies in India. Lynked.World, from its headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, provides an I.D verification solution to citizens that is based on the blockchain via its app that is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Using Lynked.World, users can verify their personal, education and professional information via the peer to peer network, all while retaining control over their digital information. Users can also share their I.D data in a secure and direct with potential employers, institutions and companies as they see fit.

One of the key selling points of Lynked.World is that once a user has been through the platforms identification process, their data can be accessed via their unique QR code. Using the QR code, users are able to share their digitally authenticated identity date and document while not being restricted to any location.

In West Bengal, Durgapur Municipal Corporation and Bankura Municipal Corporation, have integrated Lynked.World to allow citizens to request documentation such as birth certificates. The population of Bankura alone is over 3.5 million, so the impact of simplifying the identification process is bound to be amplified.

The CEO and founder of Lynked.World, Arun Kumar, addressed how Lynked.World stands to impact the authentication of digital identities and said, “Today’s systems are too complicated. The only way a government agency can ensure that it is actually confronted with the right citizen with access rights to services is to have it right in front of them, with the ID card in hand. Our platform eliminates this obstacle by providing many levels of security to ensure the complete authenticity of digital identities, data and documents. In a populous country like India, our system makes the processes much easier and faster for citizens and communities, ultimately leading to savings in administration and processing fees”.

Lynked.World will be powered by the LYNK utility token, the sale for which begins on the 15th November 2018 and ends on the 10th February 2019.  A total of 150,000,000 LYNK tokens would be up for sale and buyers for the same would receive a 35% discount when purchased between the 15th November to 7th December.

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