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In-depth Analysis of Play to Earn Game StarMon Metaverse $SMON Token

Have you heard of the American Gold Rush? When everyone rushed for gold, the seller of gold mining equipment became rich first!

Today I’m going to talk about a similar story.

How can we make money on the crypto market? You need to remember two important points: high quality project, first to discover!

The number of participants in the StarMon whitelist has exceeded 60,000 but in the end only 5,000 lucky ones will be qualified to win 2,565 blind boxes!

Unfortunately, only a few people can participate this event, while facing this golden opportunity, you probably believe that you will miss this if you’re not qualifiedt?


Holding $SMON, the StarMon project governance token either you hold it in the short, medium or long term, will allow you to get rich first!

Next, I will tell you the logic of short, medium and long term holding!

Short-term: (Look at tokens in circulation and the initial supply-demand relationship!)

  • The initial circulation is relatively low with a market value of $450,000, the following table made some interesting comparaison with other tokens:
TokenInitial market valueCurrent market value

Please note the above tokens are not randomly selected, the AXS is the leader of the plate , which has a leading effect on the entire track, which is equivalent to the upper limit.

In terms of DXCT: both YooShi and SMON are incubated on the same plateforme  . (It will be compared with DXCT later)

AXS has increased by 742.9 times, DXCT has increased by 176 times so far, how many times  SMON will raise? ? ? ?

Can you hold it? Do you have a long-term vision?

2) Badge staking

For those who bought the blind box and opened the badge? Given that the game is not yet online,  they will just go to the mining!

Because mining generates high profit!

And the team has already published the required amount of $SMON for the staking , the following table indicates that amount is quite significant:

How many tokens are required if we want to compare with DXCT:

However, from the perspective of the hashrate modification, it requires a great amount of $SMON. we can take DXCT as a reference :

At present, the total DXCT hashrate amounts to 1,567,150, with 5,451 to stake, and total 2,640,500 DXCT to stake.

It should be noted that there are currently 5600 DXCT in circulation, and 6,156 SMON’s blind boxes. This difference in blind box will lead to a difference in staking amount of tokens, which is related to token’s price. In a nutshell- when the badges out of the box need to be staked, the demand for SMON will show an explosive growth in the short term.

3) Auction funds are used for repurchase

There are three rounds of blind box auctions. Generally, the funds acquired from the last round of auctions will be used for the repurchase of $SMON, let us calculate:

513 badges will be sold in the third auction round, at an intial price: $150BNB, but we know that the final price will be at least 0.6BNB, because this is the starting price of the second round of whitelisting. For a whitelist competed among 60K people. do you believe that its price could be lower than 0.6BNB?

If we calculate based on the 0.6BNB: $141,000 will be used for repurchase, which is only the amount of repurchase initially generated by the auction.


1) Liquidity mining generates demand for SMON:

Taking DXCT as an analogy, the DXCT’s liquidity mining is very profitable. In contrast, we can imagine that SMON’s mining revenue will not be low. Faced with this kind of revenue, it is hard not to be tempted. What should I do?- —-Participate, reinvest, buy tokens and repeat the mining! Of course,some people may ask why they want to reinvest and buy coins to mine. This involves long-term logic and will be addressed in the next part!

2) The deflationary mechanism of the economic model:

Part of the total income of StarMon NFT market transactions will be directly managed through smart contracts, 50% will go directly to the community Treasury, and 40% will be directly swapped into SMON and then sent to the destruction address.

Similarly, 50% of the SMON income from Starmons breeding costs will go directly to the community Treasury, and 40% will be directly swapped into SMON and sent to the destruction address.

What does the Community Treasury mean? It is equivalent to community management, that is a self-governanced mechanism. The community will use this part of funds for what purpose ? They will definitely use this equivalent to 90% funds for SMON deflation.

Why are there only two aspects? The project team should know that the main sources of the medium-term project consist of these two aspects. Therefore, the two largest sources of funding are implemented in the deflation mechanism. Do you think the project party is reluctant to use the deflation mechanism for large-scale destruction in other areas? The answer is no.


No words needs, we all knows that the long-term development of a game relys on its playability and whether it can retain users! !

in addition, how SMON is empowered in the game? In other words, will more users be attracted in SMON game in the long-term?

1) From one single instance one may infer the whole

I wonder if you have seen the official website: (the official website is a gif)

With this exquisite and smooth picture, including the pictures leaked from the official website, we can feel that there is nothing wrong with the production side of the team!

It is strongly recommended that everyone go to the official website and feel it! ! !

We can conclude: since the official website is well-made and attentive, then the game will be also at a high level! ! !

2) Empowerment of $SMON (the future utility of $SMON)

Breeding function: $SMON is needed for future breeding

Newbies: $SMON is required for star pets purchasing

Equipment purchase: $SMON is required for evolutionary upgrades

Land plot NFT: $SMON is required to decorate your own home and to sell your land.

We can say that $SMON is everywhere!

In the future, if StarMon sets up equipment blind boxes and props blind boxes in the game and can only be purchased with SMON, then we can imagine that SMON has a very wide range of usage. combined with SMON’s deflation mechanism, It is a big trend the STARMON’s value will be increased! ! ! ! !

Now that I have talked so much to everyone, it is not a random analysis. There are logics, evidences, data and sources behind this analysis.

What is needed in the cryptocurrency circle is to find an alternative way and think differently! ! !

When others are going to open the blind box, we are laying out the core $SMON. Can you think of this if you haven’t read this article?

In a word-you can’t go wrong with buying $SMON! ! ! ! !

Indeed, you can make your own research on this project with the following information and suggestions:

StarMon Official Links:

Global Group:

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