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HIDEME will be launched soon, what does the global social system need HID to do? No one told us the answer, but we have done it___ Geek from HID

Privacy and security: can both exist at the same time?

HID will achieve all of this.

The security of the Internet affects all of us. We should be able to understand what happened to the data and be able to control how the data is used.

From the phone in our pocket to the biometric database that can identify government officials, our personal rights in the field of digital security are growing. You may have nothing to hide and still don’t want to be targeted by active advertisers or snoopers. To track and record our web browsing, online cameras are everywhere in the city, and we welcome more Internet-connected devices into our homes. These innovations have brought us endless daily conveniences and “free” services, but the data they generate has been sorted, archived and reused for marketing and monitoring.

Now, the risks we face are unimaginable ten years ago, and many companies and governments are acquiring and using data in ways that do not take the best interests of mankind into consideration. Unfortunately, we trust the people who process the data and sometimes make us fail. The way to reduce trust in online services is to improve security and more choices. We need to promote more leaner data practices, which means less personal data to share and log in in the first place.

However, now a group of geeks on the HIDME team have found a perfect solution dedicated to protecting everyone’s privacy. This is the new smart contract system. The UTXO-based blockchain represented by Bitcoin and the account-based blockchain represented by Ethereum opened the door to a new world for us. The success of Bitcoin and Ethereum proves the value of blockchain technology and the great potential of the future. In the process, we have also seen the inherent inadequacy of blockchain technology in some aspects. Beginning in 2018, some low-level technologies of distributed ledger systems that are not block-based, which have very potential, have gradually come into our field of vision, such as DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). Undoubtedly, the future is to decentralize the digital world. Bitcoin or ETH may become the base currency of blockchain distributed ledger, and the currency based on DAG technology may be IOTA or Byteball and other emerging digital currencies. . However, no matter what, this currency based on a completely different system cannot be freely circulated in the distributed systems of these two completely different systems except for exchange on a centralized exchange. We will create a new distributed decentralized ledger system that connects block-based distributed ledger and non-block-based distributed decentralized ledger system, allowing all these decentralized distributed ledger systems The information and value between different systems circulate freely, while HID acts as the carrier of value circulation between different systems, which we call: super-present.

HID will break through the restrictions of Facebook/instagram/Twitter and form a new free community, and HID will also become a carrier of value.

Hideme abbreviation: HID

Application scenario: Encrypted information communication

Public chain type: Ethereum

Total token amount: 21000000

Release of liquidity tokens: 2,100,000 (10%)

Pledge mining:

 A mining pool 8.40,000 (40%)

 B mining pool 6,300,000 (30%)

 C mining pool 4,200,000 (20%)

HID can be used for community self-care certificates and encrypted information transmission applications in the future


Official website:

Contact: Robert


Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @Hidemetoken





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