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Hackers Breach Microsoft Security to Steal Cryptocurrency

Hackers Breach Microsoft Security

According to reports, email services of Microsoft like Hotmail. Outlook and SMN are under by hackers. Reportedly, many holders of cryptocurrency get affected due to recent hack. The crypto-holders allege hackers to be responsible for stealing their cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, there are many who claim that they have lost more than 1 bitcoin. In other words, the loss counts to about $5,400. As per the victim’s claim, hackers used his email account in order to reset the password. With the help of this, hackers gained access to the victim’s Kraken account. He points the loss on 31st March. Also, authorities arrested many Reddit users due to similar kind of experiences.

In like manner, one Reddit user writes similar things. According to him, hackers hacked his account, and thus he lost about 25,000 values in crypto. In fact, hackers do not need passwords. Instead, they need email contents to steal, says the user.

Cryptocurrency stolen despite using strong passwords

In a similar fashion, one user tells that he wanted to know the status of his cryptocurrencies. He adds that he does not watch every day Further, he adds that one day he wanted to get access to his account, but, unfortunately, could not. His password did not work on that day, and he lost his access to the account. Surprisingly, the user claims that he uses a strong password to keep it safe. Again, when he wanted to know the reason, he opened his Outlook account. To the surprise, he found some emails in his trash for a password reset.

Interestingly, the reports came after reporting generation over Blockchain thief.  As per matter of fact, an Independent Security Evaluators generated the report of mischief. As per the report, the thief stole millions. Surprisingly, the loss in millions happened in Ether. The theft took place as a result of weaker private keys.

However, the total value of cryptocurrencies that hacker stole remains a secret. The overall number of users who lost the data is yet to reveal.

Coinbene denies the loss of over 100 million dollars

On the contrary, Coinbene denies continuously losing more than $100 million. The report suggests, the company lost the amount due to hacking in the month of March.

On the other hand, Microsoft says that the breach in security took place around January 1st to 28th March. Microsoft gives the extension of the breach for about 3 months, though others feel it is for 6 months. Initially, hackers reached for the email address of consumers. It was possible with agent account of Microsoft support.

However, the initial statements assured the users that hackers might access metadata of their email. As per matter of fact, metadata includes information contacts. On the contrary, the statement did don’t mention the loss of content. According to them, the files like attachments and emails, they thought, would not a loss.

Previously, hackers relied on a support agent‘s account in order to access emails. After the revelation, the team of Microsoft said the details are safe.

After two days, reports showcased that hackers read attachments and email contents indeed. To this, Microsoft remains silent. All are in hope for the response of recent escalation of a security breach.

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