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Griffex – Proof of Caring

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For jumpstarting the nascent crypto-economy, the first and foremost requirement is helping the masses gain a better understanding of the landscape. Advocating and debugging the myths blanketing the growth and mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies is the need of the hour. Working towards a solution, the logical conclusion of recognition of the above specifications lies in cultivating ‘blockchain hubs’ i.e. global communities working for the promotion and education of people towards the various benefits from cryptocurrencies.

Many people don’t really understand cryptocurrencies, mainly because they think that the money in their wallet is real! Yes, it is very much a part of our reality that is serving a higher-purpose nonetheless! But a rudimentary reflection reveals its true nature. That its only a mechanism for facilitating exchange, nothing more or less, and that’s all there is to money in society! Bitcoin and other Altcoins can also act as a medium of exchange, and in theory, many other functions on the side which could be of magnanimous consequences to the globalized business.

As the dominant thinking of pioneers and philosophers from crypto space is to slowly escalate the levels of its acceptance that would result in the number of transactions necessary for creating a ripple effect (Metcalfe’s Law for telecommunications);

Entrepreneurs and allied organizations are endorsing trading with cryptocurrencies, as a promotional means for expanding their use-cases and amplifying the user-base.

Griffex is a flexible trading platform essentially meant for smart sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies. Based on the philosophy of game theory and inspired from the swiftly evolving crypto landscape notable for its outlandish opportunities at money-making, the Griffex exchange ecosystem is based on the utilitarian principle that many of us can and should have a slice of this pie. And that crypto investments are going to be valuable avenues for investing in the future.

An enterprise that manages to break through the cultural and financial barriers ramparting the mainstream acceptance of the endeavor supported, now that should help the crypto case with its reception amongst the public!

The initiative from Griffex for the normalization of cryptocurrencies is termed as Proof-of-Caring, which in exchange for a suitable contribution from people rewards them with digital assets that’re tradable on the platform. For those eager to kickstart their crypto trading careers, the option of earning cryptocurrencies from Griffex by performing certain tasks undoubtedly serves as the cherry on the top.

Perhaps the time is perfect for issuing a disclaimer:

Proof of caring, Griffex POC, Griffex airdrop, Griffex

“To whomsoever it may concern, this is not a micro-app task performing platform that allows users to earn tokens in return for simple jobs. It is only for the determined folks, crypto enthusiasts that have some interest in making money from investing in cryptocurrencies. The tasks are diversified and specifically curated to suit the user’s area-of-interest.”

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but Proof-of-Caring gives you a free starter, a fancy salad of sorts… Furthermore, the users can also edit/modify the evidence submitted against a particular task on the Proof-of-Care platform.

A simple and accessible way for anyone to embark on their maiden crypto-trading journey, Proof-of-Caring is an opportunity to earn crypto assets by completing tasks that’s compatible with the user’s skill set. 50,000,000 GFX tokens (valued at 0.01 USD) are up for grabs in the 60-day period of phase one, for users participating in the creation of the most influential community with a foundational objective of crypto-advocacy. On a daily basis, Griffex will designate tasks that users can complete and earn GFX tokens, which are built on the ERC20 protocol.

At Proof-of-Caring, anybody can earn GFX tokens in return for their time and efforts. The completion of a task followed by the submission of evidence satisfying certain criterias would automatically earn tokens to the user. There are four major categories of tasks namely Media, Technology, Trading and Marketing, and the token figure awarded is scaled as per the difficulty of the task associated with it.

Priority is given to those that have demonstrated the most support for Griffex. There will be new tasks every day and each participant will be notified of these tasks via the email address provided during the time of signup. The awarded tokens would be safely transferred to the user’s wallet, thus encouraging trading and the involvement of evermore number of people in the booming crypto-economy.

“Proof-of-Caring is positioned strategically for rewarding those that truly care for the crypto-economy. Its a radical new way for earning digital assets, which has been possible only via conversion of fiat to cryptocurrency up until now. Though with Griffex one could earn tokens and start trading right away”

Proof-of-Caring is positioned strategically for rewarding those that truly care for the crypto-economy. Its a radical new way for earning digital assets, which has been possible only via conversion of fiat to cryptocurrency up until now. Though with Griffex one could earn tokens and start trading right away!

The exchange would soon be launching the lucrative option of converting crypto to fiat. Now this would allow you to convert all of the cryptocurrencies in your wallet to real physical money.

An innovative new way at community building, the gamified Griffex Proof-of-Caring platform is aimed at creating an engaging user experience that encourages active participation with the GFX Token community.

The innovative community building platform is all about changing the way that people all around the world earn with one central idea: earn from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Be a part of the community building initiative from the house of Griffex and start earning within an instant.

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