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Global Rockstar – Transforming Users into Owners with Music NFTs

Imagine having the chance to get the rights to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” single and earn every time any radio in the world plays the song or anyone streams it – you’d be a millionaire. The broad public and fans couldn’t get the chance to invest in their favourite artists back in the day, but now, it’s different.

Using your knowledge of music and your sense of prediction, you can make a fortune by investing in the right artists, simultaneously helping them prosper with their careers. Modern technology now lets you get a piece of the rights of singles and music albums.

Global Rockstar is a music platform offering Music NFTs

Global Rockstar is a music platform tending to revolutionise the music industry as we know it. The company was founded in 2014 by Christof Straub – himself a gold and platinum awarded artist – and aims to support young artists in the harsh music business.

With the rise of blockchain technology, tons of opportunities arose for both artists and fans. Through the platform, everyone can invest in their favourite musicians and help them grow. The investments from fans come with multiple benefits and a chance for profits, too.

How does it work?

Music fans can invest and get benefits from their investments. Users don’t need crypto, nor crypto knowledge or experience, and everything’s explained on the platform. As simple as online shopping, users can now pick their favourite artist, invest in their work, and wait for ROI.

Every registered user on the platform can invest in a particular song’s rights and earn revenues as the track becomes successful. Here Global Rockstar differentiates between the two categories S-Music NFTs and C-Music NFTs.

S-Music NFTs or Securities Music NFTs are Music NFTs that entitle the owner of the S-Music NFT to participate in the exploitation of the master- and/or publishing rights of the underlying song. Additionally, the S-Music NFT holder possesses the ownership rights of the digital cover artwork animation of the song. Currently, these shares are not tradable, but Global Rockstar is working to comply with regulatory requirements to provide a trading option of S-Music NFTs to its users in the near future.

The new type of Music NFT is called C-Music NFT or Collectible Music NFT. This is the latest product offering from Global Rockstar and gives fans a chance to become owners of unique and unreleased recordings which soon will be tradeable on Global Rockstar’s very own Music NFT marketplace.

Felicia Lu offers its unpublished work as a C-Music NFT on Global Rockstar

Felicia Lu is one of the most promising artists on Global Rockstar. The German-born singer and songwriter now lives in Vienna, Austria, but with her native English-speaking knowledge and a dark and distinctive voice, she has promising chances to go far with her music career.

With Felicia Lu, Global Rockstar now launches its new Collectible Music NFT – a few pure collectors/fan items: recordings that have never been released before. The first Collectible Music NFT will be an acoustic version of her latest success, “In Your Hands,” a super-rare audio & visual art collectible available in only 66 editions. It is performed by Felicia Lu and written by Christof Straub. The launch is set for May 26th at 1 pm CET.

The buyers of these Music NFTs will be exclusive owners of the recording that no one else will ever have. Aside from the collective and financial (secondary market) benefits, the top investor will receive the first iPhone demo of the recording and a handwritten lead sheet. The top three investors will receive a video call meet and greet with the singer, and the top ten will get signed merchandise.

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