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France Might Emerge as a Giant in Blockchain and Crypto World

France as a Giant in Blockchain

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain has not seen strong radiation from a single country in Europe. However, Switzerland has some progressive cryptocurrency industries like Zug. Amidst this, the Swiss government manages to remain passive and neutral.

On the other hand, Japan and South Korea push the boundaries of crypto and blockchain adoption in the east. They push for the use of digital coins to meet its growing popularity. While the east continually pushes the crypto domain, the US starts pushing individual states. The forward-thinking strategies and agendas like Wyoming have started coming.

Big Hitters to Break the Grounds of Blockchain Technology

Even Africa has few big hitters to break new grounds of technology. The countries on the continent like South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria have come forward in this arena. And, Australia is also not behind in this race. As per reports, Australia has firm, yet fair regulations for the crypto domain.

However, Europe has no particular face for the race in digital currencies. Significant nations like Germany, France, and the UK are grabbing the baton to run ahead in the race. And, from France, the only cryptocurrency and blockchain news is anti-establishment of tobacco shops. Reportedly, the protestors of ‘yellow vest’ and tobacco shops strive to remove such things from the country. Reports say that the tobacco shops were the place where people can get Bitcoin. Other than this news, there is no other push from the country.

Blockchain Week in Paris

Paris embarks on the event of Paris Blockchain Week Summit on 16th April. It is to test the perception of digital coin on the capital of France. Different summits and conference springs more frequently. But, this summit might be one of the biggest for the country and its capital. It will determine the real interest of the burgeoning ecosystem on a large scale in the country.

However, to determine the success of the conference, the need to determine real public interest grows. There is necessarily the need to determine whether the public has adequate enthusiasm and interest. The comparison between the interest of the public and that of developers is the key to this evaluation.  

Co-Host of Paris Blockchain Week Explains the Approach of New Technology

On the other hand, the co-host of the Paris Blockchain Week, Karim Sabba explains the approach of technology. He explains the view of Parisian people and how their approach will be. He says that the general public in France is inquisitive and enthusiastic. They are particularly enthusiastic regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Further, he adds that they have seen the first hand during the events of Crypto-Mondays.

As per matter of fact, “Crypto-Mondays’ is an event started in Paris by its founder Lou Kerner. According to Sabba, they started after getting contact from the founder of the event. He adds that they ran regular events of Crypto-Mondays and brought some top talents into the blockchain. He claims that they build the largest Crypto-Mondays community successfully. Sabba also claims the community has more than 2500 active members.

Furthermore, Sabba goes on explaining that the move served as a stepping stone for Paris Blockchain Week. Also, he says that they knew the appetite for such events after experiencing the interest of the public.

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