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Fox Twitter Account hacked to spread cryptocurrency scams

Cryptocurrency scammers are getting wittier every day. The doom spell when hackers secretly seized control of the FOX’s show Almost Human’s official Twitter account, to spread false”giveaway” links. The account is currently masquerading as Justin Sun, founder, and CEO of Chinese blockchain startup TRON. It is still ambiguous, how the hackers took control of the account.

It appears that nobody from Fox observed the hack so far. Luckily a quick glance revealed that none of the crypto wallets-Bitcoin and Ethereum associated with this scam have received any funds so far. It is interesting to note that scammers have often resorted to retweeting posts to trick users into sending them funds. The upsetting trend has turned into a raging epidemic by now. This is not the first time where hackers have managed to exploit accounts for pushing scammy giveaway links.

While Twitter terms state that updating your username will result in losing your verified badge, this is not the case with changing your display name. Despite several scams and appeals from blockchain influencers like Vitalik Buterin, Twitter has mostly ignored all of them. The army of cryptocurrency scam bots is still escalating. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk took to Twitter talking about the crypto-scam epidemic a couple of weeks ago. It is high time Twitter gets a grip on it.

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