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Europeans Think Bitcoin to Die in Next 10 Years but Crypto to Continue

Bitcoin to die in next 10 years

Even if Bitcoin is soaring high, some believe that it might die within the next ten years. According to a poll, the market leader might not remain the leader always.

According to reports, the survey includes more than 10,000 people from European countries. About ten countries participated in the poll. Interestingly, the perception of Bitcoin did not end up well. People thin than in the next ten years the crypto giant, Bitcoin will die. Although the world of cryptocurrency is flourishing due to the high market cap of Bitcoin, it won’t forever.

Similarly, bitFlyer released the poll after through assess of confidence in public for Bitcoin. As per matter of fact, bitFlyer is a blockchain and crypto company from Japan.

However, the European poll gives light into some revelations. Surprisingly, the confidence is lower than the entire crypto market for Bitcoin. As per data, only about 49% of people indicated that Bitcoin would survive in the next ten years. On the contrary, about 63% of people have confidence in overall crypto space.

Expected death of Bitcoin

Even though Bitcoin sets standards for a digital token, many believe it will die within ten years.

With the majority of only about 7% people, Bitcoin reigns in the realm of crypto. That 7% of people think that Bitcoin will remain as security and investment tool even after ten years.

Unsurprisingly, the data reflects the sentiments of people who were involved in the business with Bitcoin. But, Bitcoin is still like a prototype for cryptocurrency and blockchain. The cryptocurrency is working to solve an issue with time.

In recent years, many cryptocurrencies and blockchains became part of the present-day crypto arena. All of them try to remove the issues that people face. And, they come with different kinds of projects to demonstrate their ability to adapt to the change.

Bitcoin will still rule the crypto sphere

While many believe the crypto giant will die, there is still hope for a better future for crypto. The cryptocurrency sector will flourish and evolve more in the upcoming future. It is an effective tool that consists of immense potential. But, it still needs modifications and extension.

In a few places, Bitcoin fell in terms of application and performance. Probably, it might be the reason for its downfall. If the crypto world is to flourish, all those flaws need correction. Otherwise, it will be death for crypto too.

However, there are possibilities that after Bitcoin, new crypto will solve the problems. It will bring about a change that other cryptocurrencies failed to do. And, with this, it indicates a widespread adoption and applicability.

On the other hand, the COO of bitFlyer says something on the matter. According to him, the results showcase the reputation of crypto. He tells that the reputation has moved a bit ahead with strong roots. And, people tend to forget the new cryptocurrencies that come in the market except for Bitcoin. The only crypto whose birthday people have celebrated is Bitcoin. He emphasized in the crypto’s good future. He also remarks about the rapidly growing crypto market as an achievement.

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