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EcoWatt Review: Leveraging blockchain to Revolutionize the Green Energy Market

There is hardly any doubt in the fact that green energy is the future of power generation. However, its adoption is set with multiple barriers, slowing down the transition. The control of power is probably the most impactful one as the global electricity market is mainly controlled by governments and hedge funds. This creates scarcity and inaccessibility to retailers and other small-scale consumers which could create a bigger impact as a whole.  EcoWatt aims to disrupt the unequal supply chain of electricity to make it accessible to the retail community, which they believe is for the first time ever. Currently, large institutions such as governments and hedge funds -control the global electricity market creating high barriers for the wide public to get involved. Fortunately, the decentralized finance economy is opening new doors of opportunity for green energy as well. A project like  EcoWatt is creating green power generation accessible and affordable. The greater the interest of DeFi economy in their token, the more resources they’ll have at their disposal to achieve their mission.

But what exactly is this new project? And more importantly, how can its token offer value to its holders? Let’s figure it out.

The EcoWatt Project

The EcoWatt project and its EWT token is basically a green energy governance token fully backed by the economic output of green power. What it means is that each token is backed by 1 watt of green power, and the supply of tokens is fixed at 1 billion tokens. As the watt power grows with the increasing demand for green energy and the growth of its backed green asset portfolio, the value of tokens increases as their supply remains fixed at 1`billion. Currently, 1 watt of green energy is backed by 1 token, the goal is to increase the number of watt overtime. The current goal is to have 10 watts per token by 2025.

EcoWatt Token Details

The EcoWatt token, as explained above, will have a fixed supply of 1 billion EWT tokens. Each of the tokens will be backed by 1 watt of green power, currently, the value of 1 watt of green energy is estimated to be around $1.30  The project team aims to deliver an ROI of at least 20% year on year. They are targeting a value of 10 Euros per token by 2025 as the number of watts increase, so you can understand how rewarding this token is going to be for its holders as the demand for green energy grows.

What about the founders?

The founders of the EcoWatt project are some of the most experienced and talented people in the industry. Thomas Puskas, the Founder and CEO of EcoWatt project, has had a 30 years long career in the industry of renewable energy. Similarly, Paul Flynn, co-founder and Managing Director of EcoWatt, has had 15 years of experience in renewable energy projects. This gives a solid foundation to the team.

The team has a  solid background and started the project with a fair launch,   with the founders being doxxed for 1 year. The Ecowatt team is supported by numerous reputable investors and have signed contracts with multiple governments and other institutional partners. Adding credibility and confidence to their project. .

EcoWatt Token IEO

The tokens are set to be issued via an IEO on BitForex from 9th of October, 2021. The private sale of tokens was held back in Q1 earlier this year, and it was oversubscribed with 1.4 million Euros raised. The token already has a vibrant community of 48,000 members on Telegram and 19,000 members on Discord.


In a nutshell, we can say that the EcoWatt project could  be a gamechanger not just for the renewable energy sector but also for the entire DeFi ecosystem. For now its the first of its kind in the DeFi ecosystem,with a very reputable team and institutional partners backing the project. We give it an A-ranking. .

Always do your own research. To find out more:

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