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Dynasty jolts the crypto sector by issuing a token referenced to tangible real estate assets

With its buy-back and burn procedure, Dynasty enhances token scarcity.

Swiss-based company, Dynasty Global, has issued a token referenced to the real estate. A key feature of D¥NS token is that its total supply is capped at 21 million just like the Bitcoin token. However, the difference between D¥NS token and Bitcoin is that all the 21 million tokens of D¥NS have been already issued. These tokens will be released in four tranches of 5,250,000 tokens per year.

D¥NS token has various attributes that distinguishes it from the rest in the market. Key among them include:

Reference to Real Estate

Though D¥NS may bear some similarities with Bitcoin when total supply is concerned, it is different. For starters, D¥NS has some reference to the real estate market, a quality that many tokens in the market don’t possess. The token’s reference to the real estate market delivers more solidarity and credibility into the crypto market.

Purchasing Premium Real Estate Assets

Dynasty Global intends to use the funds raised from its D¥NS token sale to purchase ultra-premium real estate assets. The company’s team has experienced real estate professionals who have identified potential properties to buy. Once the properties are bought and developed, they will generate income that will be used to buy back D¥NS from the market and burn them. This tactic ensures that there is scarcity in the market by reducing the circulating supply.

The concept of repurchasing the tokens

According to the principle of demand and supply, when a commodity is scarce in the market, its value might spike. Dynasty Global intends to use this law by repurchasing the D¥NS tokens and removing them from circulation. Besides creating sanity in the ecosystem, this procedure will also ensure that the token is limited in supply.

The following are some of the benefits that D¥NS holders will enjoy:

  • Storage: the token can be kept in different wallets, such as Trust, Mist, and MetaMask, as well as in the exchanged where it will be listed.
  • Simple to trade: the token is bought and sold easily,
  • Accessibility: it’s accessible to various kinds of crypto holders,
  • Payment: it can be used as a payment token,
  • Liquidity: its liquidity is high due to its repurchasing procedure.
  • Scarcity: buy-back and burn procedure reducing total token circulation supply,
  • Rapid transactions: Token holders can conduct their transactions quickly
  • No bureaucracy: because Dynasty offers reduced bureaucracy token is ment to be simple to enter and exit D¥NS.

Verification of prospective token buyers

Dynasty Global investments has a big role of ensuring that prospective token buyers are properly vetted. The company intends to use Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to mitigate risks of scamming and money laundering.

About Dynasty Global Investment (AG)

Dynasty Global is a global platform located in the well-known Crypto Valley, an ecosystem found in Zug with vibrant linkages to international enterprises of blockchain technologies. Because of its friendly business environment, a deep talent collection, and complex infrastructure, Crypto Valley has become a global center for blockchain and decentralized ledger technologies. Firms situated in this centre can blossom in a secure and supportive environment.

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