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DogeCoin Paper Wallet-Getting Started


Dogecoin was created by programmer Billy Markus who hoped to create a fun cryptocurrency which could reach a broader demographic than Bitcoin. It played a major role in raising 25,000 USD which was utilised to help disabled children. Presently, Dogecoin can be stored in a paper wallet or multi-currency supported wallets.

A paper wallet is a safer option, and if kept securely, it is basically hacker-proof.

A DogeCoin Paper wallet can be generated in the following manner-:

  1. Visit the wallet generator site and download the website as an HTML file. Then, disconnect from the internet. This is to ensure that no malicious code will be able to report the private keys back to the hackers. It is advisable to run a virus scan before, as malware which works offline can still record the keys. The wallets are merely a mathematical equation. Thus they can be generated without an internet connection. Open the HTML file, and the start-page of the website would open. Select ‘English’ if it is not already selected and move the cursor all over the canvas.
  2. Moving the cursor generates a random seed, this will be put into the mathematical equation to generate the address. When around 300 points have been drawn on the canvas, a BTC address and a private key are generated. However, a BTC address is not required. Head over to the top right corner of the screen a drop-down menu is available there. Click ‘select’, and a Doge address along with Private key will be generated.
  3. Head over to the ‘Paper Wallet’ tab and click ‘Generate Random Address’ a couple of times. One can set up a password required to decrypt the private key and unlock the wallet. In case, the password is set, click ‘Enable BIP38 Encrypt’ checkbox. Hit the ‘Generate Random Address’ again, to apply the password. The paper wallet can be printed by pressing “Print”. Additionally, multiple copies of the wallet can be printed for safety purposes.
  4. After the paper wallet has been printed, print, cut and fold it according to the instructions on the wallet generator.

How to use the DogeCoin Paper Wallet?

  1. To use your wallet for sending funds use the ‘Public Address’ on the wallet. The Public Address is also used to check the balance of the wallet.
  2. The ‘Private Key’ is  used to spend the funds on the wallet.
  3. If all the funds from the wallet need to be sent to another address, the ‘Redeem Paper Wallet’ option can be used.
  4. If a custom amount needs to be sent, use coinb or import the private key into the Dogecoin Core.

Another way to generate the DogeCoin paper wallet is by using the DogeCoin paper wallet generator-

  1. Visit A page with instructions for generating a paper wallet opens. Choose the option” Calibrate Printer”, and a dialogue box opens. After this go to the site and on the bottom right corner and download the GitHub file. After the file has been opened, download the zip file. After opening the zip file, click on” index”. The HTML version of site opens offline.
  2. The wallet can be printed now. Click on Print Front and then click on Random-generate new Key. This will generate new private keys for the wallet. Then click on Print Back. After giving the print commands the DogeCoin paper wallet is generated.

The paper wallet can also be laminated so that it is durable and is water resistant. It is important to remember that anyone that has access to your paper wallet also has access to your DogeCoins. Thus, it is essential that private keys are not exposed in any manner. DogeCoin paper wallet remains the best option for newcomers due to the ease with which it can be generated and used.

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