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DICE’s Lean Business Structure and Fee-free Transactions is An Advantage For User Growth

DICE is not just a cryptocurrency. Its flexible platform uses multiple local ledgers to ensure free, and fast transactions to provide a robust foundation for lucrative businesses. It can not only replace fiat currency or the conventional role of cryptocurrencies, but it can also deliver unmatched benefits to businesses. Here’s how it can expedite the growth of your business.

Low Startup Costs
A business starting its operations within the DICE economy will have a lean and no-frills-involved platform to raise funds. The only startup costs required are that of a server and accompanying software. This ensures that whatever the initial bootstrapped amount of funding may be, the maximum amount of money can be spent on business operations, expansion, and marketing.

Also, the mining of blocks will not require internet on the DICE platform; it will only be needed for validation with an operator. The rig (server) can mine multiple tokens when online, and validate them all at once when connected to the internet. This ensures that the costs of internet bandwidth are not off the charts, as is in the case with all single ledger cryptocurrencies.

Investment Mining at Zero Transaction Fee
Each miner can mine as much as possible. Each DICE token increases the capitalization value of the operator it belongs to, providing equity to a miner. Thus, each operator acts as a self-funding social node supporting a business venture. The fascinating aspect of mining with DICE is that there are no transaction fees involved.

Lower Entry Barrier
Investors are bound to indulge in extensive analysis before investing in a venture. A newbie in the crypto space will usually be reluctant to invest in an ICO given the steep learning curve. It is often intimidating for a person to spend their hard earned money on something they don’t know about. However, in the case of DICE, the entry barrier for a layman (with no or negligible knowledge of cryptocurrency) is extremely low.

In fact, there is no need for a monetary investment. All the user has to do is mine blocks of data for the operator. No special wallets or complicated exchanges are involved, which is a great facilitator. It thus, helps you reach out to a wider audience, including those who are averse or neutral to the risk in crypto ventures. These miners will be the ones who believe in our business idea. Since mining doesn’t need the internet, user’s resources will remain safeguarded from illegal uses.

No Middlemen
In the cluster network, anybody can be a miner, and the only requirements are a computer and free software. Also, anybody can be an operator- a bakery, a restaurant, a school, or an individual.

DICE transactions don’t take as much time as their ledgers are localized, and the network doesn’t function on a single ledger, like BItcoin. Also, the absence of any intermediaries, exchanges, or even specialized wallets enables retention of value and ensures that money doesn’t get wasted on 3rd-party commissions.

Applications in Donation
People often want to donate for a cause but they are either skeptical of the genuineness or procrastination takes over. However, with DICE, such inconvenience and doubt will be eliminated. As they mine, they can contribute to a social initiative, NGO or non-profit registered with DICE, and thus, donate for the betterment of our world.

Predictable, Deterministic and Non-volatile
Cryptocurrencies frequently get associated with volatility and the constant danger of losing all your savings. With DICE, this will never be a concern. DICE is not dependant on a single ledger and is based on a cluster economy. What happens in one cluster will not affect the functioning of another one, while also preserving the standard value of DICE across the global network.

With these features, DICE is not like any cryptocurrency that has been launched. It is a perfect opportunity if you are looking to start your venture or you are in the early stages and tired of looking for investors. A robust business structure and fee-free transactions will pave a path of growth for every user.

To know more about DICE, visit their website or read the whitepaper.

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