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Despite Controversy, CEO of Stands with Coinbase

CEO of with Coinbase

CEO of and a well-known Bitcoin Cash influencer, Roger Ver speaks about the controversy of going against Coinbase. As per the recent controversy to delete Coinbase, Ver stands with the exchange. Despite factors against the exchange, Ver has some reasons to stand with it. Though, he explains the reasons behind it. Roger, in an interview also says that he does not consider BTC to be Bitcoin.

On the other hand, Coinbase which is a leading crypto exchange platform makes an uproar in the crypto sphere. The uproar is due to the acquisition by Coinbase of the firm Neutrino. As a result, the majority of the cryptocurrency industry joined the campaign to delete Coinbase. As a matter of fact, Neutrino is a blockchain analytics firm which was associated previously with Hacking Team.

Moreover, facts revealed that the reason behind the acquisition was the providers of Coinbase. As per reports, the providers used to sell their data to different outside sources.

Roger Ver Speaks in favor of the Crypto Exchange

Amidst of all chant to delete Coinbase, Roger Ver, contrarily, speaks in favor of the exchange. Ver, on his social media handle, stated that Coinbase made lots of contributions towards the adoption of the cryptocurrency industry. He also says that the industry must be thankful to the exchange for its contribution. But, on the contrary, the industry goes in against of Coinbase because of a few poor decisions.  He even requests the audience not to delete Coinbase.

In addition to that, Ver answers to the association of Neutrino with Hacking Team. According to him, the idea of Coinbase was a total stupidity. He says that he was incredibly troubled with the news and considers it as a stupid mistake.

Further, Ver states that sometimes people make mistakes. He does not think that the move was just a bad mistake which the company took. But, once the company realized the errors, it fixed the mistake, says Ver. Furthermore, Ver says that Coinbase on-boarded many people into the ship of cryptocurrency. The CEO of thinks that Coinbase is a vast net positive for the world and not just for cryptocurrencies.

Ver Does not consider BTC to be Bitcoin

Again, Ver speaks about the reason behind his thinking that BTC is not Bitcoin. Previously, many criticized Ver due to the same reason. Even, people were thinking to take legal actions against him. The reason being Bitcoin Cash, which came out to be the real Bitcoin.

The well-known Bitcoin Cash influencer states that many people were calling him a “scammer.” He says, on the contrary, no one was there to come forward for an argument. Ver also says that at one point, he started to think that BTC was the real Bitcoin, indeed.

Explaining more on the matter, Roger Ver came to conclusions which were based on logic, evidence, and arguments. He further states that if someone tries to convince him to think BTC is Bitcoin, he will evaluate it. Even though it is not a peer-to-peer cash system, he will listen to the arguments. He claims that he will evaluate the arguments based on their merits.

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