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Delta Exchange Review: Trade Crypto Derivatives With Upto 100x Leverage

Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange is a crypto derivatives exchange where you can trade futures on Bitcoin(BTC), Ripple(XRP), Ether(ETH) and other altcoins with upto 100x leverage.

The idea behind this platform is that derivatives do matter and they are a major segment in the financial market. They bring in risk protection, you get to work with some really good trading strategies and the financial system is always improving and finding new ideas.

Delta Exchange

#TradersFirst Crypto Derivative Exchange – Focus on traders

When you create a crypto exchange that focuses on derivatives,  your primary approach has to be towards traders. The reason is simple, you need to treat customers with fairness and professionalism. And Delta Exchange does provide all of that in incredible ways. Delta Exchange claims to be a #TraderFirst crypto derivative exchange and are fully committed on offering support and quality at the highest levels on the market and aim to be the most liquid crypto derivative platform.

Plus, they have reliable liquidity with tight spreads. Even if Delta Exchange might not have the highest trading volume out there right now, the liquidity quality is great and that’s why you do need to check it out. It’s refreshing to see that, because a lot of people avoid platforms like this due to liquidity.

Trading Pairs On Delta

Delta exchange currently offers futures on BTC, ETH, XRP and XLM with leverage upto 100x. The platform is quite liquid even in volatile conditions.

Delta Exchange recently launched stablecoin settled crypto futures. The settlement and margining on these contracts is done in USDC. You can convert BTC to USDC using currency converter on their platform. They are also working  to make perpetual swaps live on the platform.

The future contracts available on Delta Exchange at the time of writing are mentioned below:

BTC Futures : Quoted in USD and settled in BTC

BTC Quanto Futures : Quoted in USD and settled in USDC

ETH Quanto Futures : Quoted in USD and settled in USDC

XRP Quanto Futures : Quoted in USD and settled in USDC

XLM Futures : Quoted in BTC and settled in BTC

As for their fees, Delta offers by far the best fee structure. To know more about the fee structure check here.

How To Sign-Up On Delta Exchange

Signing-up on Delta Exchange takes only 2 minutes and is very simple. You just need to provide your name and Email ID while signing-up. Follow this link for sign-up.

Delta Exchange

Once you sign-up, you will receive an email for account verification. Just follow the steps in the mail for verification and you are good to go.

How To Deposit/WithDraw BTC

Delta Exchange allows only BTC deposit and withdrawals. Once you have created an account on Delta Exchange, you need to add BTC to your wallet.

Steps To Deposit/Withdraw BTC:

  • Login to trading terminal
  • From the navigation drawer, select “Account”
  • From the Account Page, select “Deposits” Or “Withdrawals” tabs
  • In “Deposits” Tab – You will find your BTC wallet address for deposit
  • In “Withdrawals” Tab – Add the wallet address and BTC amount to withdraw

Security – Is Delta Exchange Safe?

Delta exchange offers strong risk management and enterprise grade security for digital assets. The security features embedded in Delta Exchange are powerful and impressive. They have a really good firewall designed to eliminate intrusions and actively focus on keeping all data and transactions safe. The true focus here is on extraordinary security and powerful features to keep data safe regardless of what might happen. Which is exactly what makes this so good in the first place.

You get to have a reliable and powerful system without too many intricate features and all of that adds up to deliver interesting benefits all the time. That being said, the Delta Exchange security works exactly as it should, keeping all private data away from prying hands.

It is safe to say that Delta Exchange is a completely safe and secure platform. You won’t really have to worry about any major downsides or anything like that. Adaptability is key and you do get to have the ultimate value and quality in the end. Which is exactly what you may need as a trader.

Delta Exchange Referral program

It’s safe to say that you always need to focus on finding the best value as a trader in the market. And that’s why you need a good referral program to boot.

Delta Exchange team did an amazing job when it comes to encouraging people spread the word. They offer one of the highest paying affiliate program in the industry. You get 25% of the trading fees for 1 year and 10% for lifetime from the referral program.

Delta Exchange

Of course, we don’t really know if these numbers will continue to be the same or not. They might change, so it’s important to get on the Delta Exchange train early on and connect with others too, so you can get the best possible value out there. You can find more details about their referral program here.


When you trade online, you do need transparency, professionalism and value. Delta Exchange does a really good job at offering you the tools you need in such a situation. The team at Delta Exchange always connects with the customers and ask them what they need.

It’s nice to have this system because customers are the ones that are shaping up the platform the way it should be. It’s never easy to get amazing results and the benefits can be huge if everything is transparent.


So yes, Delta Exchange is really good at offering you the crypto derivatives trading experience you want. It’s still a smaller platform when compared to others, but even so the starting point is nice. And they are constantly adding in new features.

Delta exchange is all set to add perpetual swap and have already launched stablecoin (USDC) settled futures. The team at Delta Exchange has done really well in the last 6 months of their launch and we hope that it will be even better in times to come. It all comes down to how they apply it, but the benefits are there and Delta Exchange is already a powerful platform!

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