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CryptoGames: Experience Modern Gambling Online

CryptoGames is a digital gambling platform that is licensed under Curacao Government and is run online by MuchGaming B.V. The casino has been providing unbiased gambling experiences through 10 casino games that are accessible with 10 cryptocurrencies and their special house currency called Play Money. Upon registration, the players will be able to navigate an uncomplicated user interface. The architecture of the casino offers several services for the growing number of crypto gamblers. Read along the following list to learn more about the modern gambling experience that CryptoGames offer for the players.

Lightweight User Interface

The first service that CryptoGames delivers to the players on board is their easy user interface. The lightweight architecture of the website ensures that players can open the system and enjoy a smooth browsing experience every time they log in from their devices. The home page of the casino has listed all the necessary data or tabs in a systematic order. The layout of the website also displays a list of modern features that come in handy when gamblers start playing the games. The website has no ads or 000pop-ups that appear on the pages. Another mention-worthy feature that the website offers is its live chat box feature. The chatbox can be used to engage in discussions or simple interactions with other players. It also has various commands that one can use to do things like flip a coin, tip another player, or purchase lottery tickets. The lightweight architecture also includes useful tabs for FAQ, BLOG, Forum, Chat Rules, and Support pages. Along with all these the gamblers can also keep a track of their betting history for each game through the dedicated sections beside each game.

Offered System for Transaction

On the website, CryptoGames offers two types of systems for transactions. While both systems are convenient for the players, they also have their unique elements. The regular system that the website offers for all players, supports deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges. The users must create deposit and withdrawal addresses to be able to complete the transactions. To enable the regular system, users have to go to the “Your Account Tab” and then select any of the options. Each option will have its dedicated buttons. All kinds of financial transactions can be completed only if the user account is fully verified. Another system that is offered on the website is a modern system to support Credit card users in making fiat deposits and more crypto users to put their cryptocurrencies to use through a more flexible exchange system. 

To enable the credit card deposits, users have the open option to use Onramper and on the other hand, to exchange several different cryptocurrencies that are not on the list, they can use ChangeNow. On the list of available cryptocurrencies, there are:


Bitcoin Cash,


Ethereum Classic,







All 10 Games on the List


Offered as the first Game on the list, Dice is great for beginner-level gamblers. It comes with a 1.0% house edge. The game has a winning fidelity of 0.000-99.999. The design of Dice is neat and it offers the useful Auto Bet feature where the player can customize any number of bets as they want to. In Dice, a player is required to select a random amount that they think might come up in the bet result. They are given two numbers to choose from. If the outcome of the roll returns the one that the player has chosen then they are going to take home a payout. Otherwise, they will have to roll their Dice for another bet. Dice has a list of keyboard controls that helps the players to play the games using shortcuts.


CryptoGames Slot is both retro and modern in terms of design. The game is played with the goal to land any one of the winning combinations of reels. The combinations are made with 5 symbols that get displayed on 5 reels. The symbols on the reels can create 7 different winning combinations. After each spin, if the symbols line up in the center and a winning combination is formed then the player will get a winning bet. There are no complicated rules for the game and the players will have the necessary guidelines for the payout table on the game’s page. Slot offers the players a 1.97% house edge.


European Roulette is one of the exciting table games to play at the casino. Unlike the American variant, this version has a better how edge for the gamblers which is,2.7%. Roulette’s spinning wheel has one 0 and 37 numbers. The game comes with a special feature called “Neighbour Bets”. This special feature includes 4 different Neighbour Bets that the players can pick from to automatically place their bets on the betting mat.  As the players place their betting chips on the betting mat their total bet amount may increase depending on the number of chips placed. Players can learn the rules of the game with the guidelines provided on the game’s page. 


CryptoGames Blackjack is a good choice for gamblers who look forward to polishing their card game skills. Defeating the house with a combined card count of 21 or lower is the only way to win the game. Players get to instantly claim their rewards if the house exceeds the count of 21 or the player scores 21 from the first two cards dealt. Since the game has a 1.25% house edge, players will always have the opportunity to win a great payout. The guidelines will make Blackjack one of the simplest card games to play at the casino.


With no multiple steps to follow, the gamblers at CryptoGames experience classic gambling with Lottery. In this game, the casino offers 4 cryptocurrencies to the players. The cryptocurrencies that are available for purchasing the tickets are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. The numbers of tickets, total pot, price per ticket, and drawing days vary based on the cryptocurrencies. Tickets for each ongoing round can be purchased from the “Buy Ticket” tab or by using the chatbox commands. There is no house edge for Lottery.


CryptoGames included Plinko with an average 1.72% house edge. For each one of the colors of the balls, Plinko has individual house edges. The Green Ball has 1.63%, the Red Ball has 1.84%, the Blue Ball has 1.52% and the Yellow Ball has 1.56% house edge. Plinko’s players get compensated according to the payout table and the house edge when the ball they drop reaches a winning slot. Each one of the colors will show its payout multipliers and winning slots at the bottom of the pyramid. To ease up the gamblers on how the game works, there are detailed instructions on the game’s page.


This one is a Lottery like game that has been presented in a very modern crypto version. Keno in fact is the latest addition to CryptoGames. It is built to be extremely lightweight. The game consists of a poll of numbers that ranges from 1 to 40. To play, the players must pick 10 numbers from the field. The players can also choose to pick 1 to 10 numbers out of 40. This is done to guess what the outcomes will be. After that, the players hit Start to begin the bet. The field shows X on the winning numbers and a classic cloverleaf (CryptoGames symbol) on the numbers that match the prediction. Rewards are given depending on how many numbers the players predicted correctly.

Video Poker

Another card game that the casino offers is Video Poker where players win the game by forming a winning hand with five cards. By creating a winning hand with the five cards, players beat the house and get to claim their prize. Video Poker has three other versions of the game that are called Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. The game hence has an average 2.09% house edge and its three versions have the following house edges. Jacks or Better- 2.11%. Tens or Better- 2.08%. Bonus- 2.09%. Players get compensated according to the house edge of the version they are playing offers. The game also comes with a “Smart Hold” feature that makes it easier to choose which cards to hold.


DiceV2 is the redefined model of Dice that comes with the same house edge as Dice, which is 1.0%. The players of DiceV2 have the privilege to play the game using an Auto Bet feature. For each roll, the players get to customize their bets using the cool slider. This means players of DiceV2 will have complete control over their winning chances. The result of the bet is also displayed on the slider. If the players manage to land inside the green area of the slider, then they will be compensated according to the payout multiplier they had chosen beforehand. Playing DiceV2 is as simple as playing Dice is.


CryptoGames offers the players the easiest way to earn rewards through its game Minesweeper. The simple game rewards the players instantly if they choose to cash out in the middle of the game. As long as they don’t hit any mine, they are free to withdraw their rewards at any point of the game. This way the players can withdraw any amount of rewards they have earned up to that point. Minesweeper’s lucrative concept also allows the players to customize their own mine field’s difficulty levels. For every successful cash-out, players will be compensated for a 1.0% house edge.

Unending Options for Rewards

CryptoGames included many elements into the system that give out rewards to the players for their loyalty to the casino and to increase their gambling experiences. For Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette, CryptoGames has included additional rewards through the progressive jackpots. Along with the rewards the games offer, the players can win more from these games by meeting the following rules:

Rules for Roulette:  

·To win the progressive jackpot, players must score a result of 7 in all four consecutive bets using the same cryptocurrency.

· The winning bet must return a profit amount that is higher than the bet amount.

· Both bet amount and profit amount meet the minimum amount set by the casino. 

Rules for  Dice and DiceV2:  

· All winning Dice result returns the jackpot numbers  7.777 or 77.777.

· The result must be a winning roll

· Both bet amount and profit amount meet the least amount set by the casino

The other rewarding elements are Faucet, Referral Links, Rainbot, and VIP memberships. In the short descriptions below, all the elements have been discussed for better understanding.

Faucet: To allow the users to play for free, the built-in faucet hands out house special test currency, Play Money to test the available games. The faucet helps the players to enjoy the gambling experience with zero risk of losing their funds. A player can make several faucet requests based on their player level. The number of requests can be up to 60 requests (for the highest level players).

Referral Links: When a player registers at CryptoGames, they are provided a referral link for advertising CryptoGames. They can find the referral links in the “Rewards” tab right under the “Invite A Friend” tab. For every successful referral, the referrer gets 15% off the house edge of every bet made by players they refer. The rewards are given regardless of their win or loss.

Rainbot: Rain is small amounts of cryptocurrencies that are dealt to the players in random intervals. The size of the rain dealt to the players depends on their activity, the frequency, and the quality of chat messages since the last rain was dealt. The FAQ section of the website will have details about the Rainbot and how it works for each player.

VIP Memberships: By winning in the monthly betting contests, players have the chance to win the VIP memberships that last for an entire month! Take a look at what the VIP privileges are:

  • 20% less house edge for Dice games. The amount becomes 0.8% for an entire month.
  • Privilege to place all bets (regardless of size) with no server-side delay.
  • Higher exchange limits for an entire month. VIP players will have no onsite exchange limit.
  • VIP players can chat with other VIP players and the managers of CryptoGames from the VIP chatroom.
  • VIP players will have their very own VIP tags to show off on the chatbox.
  • Tier 3 verified (KYC) or higher level VIP players receive birthday gifts in Bitcoins (worth 100 dollars).
  • Increased Faucet levels for the VIP players.
  • VIP players get monthly Voucher drops in their email randomly on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week of every month.

Innovative Gaming Features

At CryptoGames, efficient gaming features like the Auto Bet, and the Smart Hold Neighbour Bets are there to assist the players in saving time and when they are in doubt. The features have been assigned to the games with the aim to make navigation easier. For example, In the game of Video Poker, the Smart Hold helps each player to automatically hold on to the possibly favorable cards, whereas the Neighbour Bets feature for Roulette helps the players place their bets in the possibly favorable places on the betting mat. These two features however must be used at their own risk as they do not guarantee wins for the bets. Along with these, Auto Bet makes placing several bets easier for the players. Instead of placing their bets, again and again, they can select and customize their bet amounts, and size in one go. Dice, DiceV2, and Slot are some of the games that support the Auto Bet feature.

Opportunity to use the API

The use of API is open for all the players at CryptoGames. Although it doesn’t guarantee increased winning chances for any player, it surely does enhance the modern digital gambling experiences. To enable the use of the API, players have to go to the “API” tab under “Your Account”. This then will lead them to the “Generate New Personal API Key” tab where a player will be able to generate a key. The API keys need to be used during the initialization of the gambling application. For more details on the use of API, read through the BLOG post dedicated solely to the function.

Enabled Security Measures

On the website, player data and fund is secured by impenetrable security measures. The casino enabled the SSL encryption and google 2FA features to protect user privacy and user funds. Withdrawing any amount of funds is impossible without the account holder’s permission. Moreover, if in any case, the 2FA system is not enabled by the player, then the withdrawals will require email verification as a mandatory security protocol. On the Settings tab, players will also find the option to set up an Emergency Address for securing their funds.

Gambling under Fair Policies

Provably Fair gambling policies ensure that all players are equally and fairly treated at the casino. Their bets are processed through a modern cryptographic technique that delivers fair results for all the bets at all times. The casino also offers transparent ways to trace and validate each bet placed in every round. This means, that after each bet, players can check if their results are fair using hash and seeds. On the other hand the third-party generator, Random Picker ensures fair results for all Lottery Draws.

Simple and Quick Registration

The first step to start playing at any casino is completing the sign-up process. At CryptoGames the registration process for new users is kept simple and short. The process gives completely free access to the players when they create an account by simply giving a username. Then once they set a username, they need to agree to all the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Anti-Money Laundering Policy. Upon completing this basic registration, a player can enjoy the games (8 out of 9) with the free Play Money and get to win rewards through the Faucet feature, and also get to use the referral links. Which means. To enable the transaction system, all the players must complete the full registration process.

Concluding the Review

Adding more to the system, CryptoGames enabled responsible gambling policies to create a thoughtful and responsible community of crypto gamblers. In times of need, players can also seek out the helplines when they struggle with any sort of unwanted addiction towards gambling. Many policies like the “Time Out”, and “Self Exclusion” prevent players from overindulging at the casino and help them to play responsibly. Overall, the casino welcomes gamblers of any experience level to indulge in 9 of their very own casino games. The list of 10 cryptocurrencies also keeps the crypto gambling experience smooth as they are backed up by modern transaction and security systems. On top of that, the modern gaming features and rewarding extensions, and necessary content tabs like BLOG and Forum aim to enhance the user experience in crypto gambling at all times. Hence to conclude, CryptoGames is a mention-worthy gambling spot that will raise the curiosity of rising crypto gamblers as well as the users of cryptocurrencies who are looking for new ways to splurge their funds for entertainment.

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