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Crypto Community Declares May 22 as the Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin pizza guy, Laszlo Hanyecz gives his first ever television interview after his infamy. He gives his shot to symbolize that he is confused about everything on cryptocurrencies.

According to sources, Hanyecz is a software engineer by profession. He reportedly was one of the early investors to invest in Bitcoin. Also, he is among those who believed Bitcoin would take over regular currencies. People use regular currencies to buy stuff and that’s what he did.

Back in the year 2010, Hanyecz bought two pizzas from Papa John’s pizzas and paid 10,000 BTC. At that time, Bitcoin’s value was not even a single US penny. So, it looked like a fair deal. However, at present, the value of one BTC is about 8000 USD. Hence, now people can tell it was a very expensive pizza.

Further, it gets even worse when Hanyecz estimated his expenditure on pizza over the years. Precisely, he spent about a hundred thousand BTC exclusively on pizza. Therefore, Hanyecz gets his nickname and fame.

Pizza guy explains the reasons behind his pizza buying

During his 60 minutes interview, the pizza guy explains the reasons behind his expenditure on pizza.

Hanyecz does not regret on buying pizza from his BTC transaction. While it is very easy to crack jokes on him, perhaps it contributes to initial Bitcoin transactions. As a result, everyone can now see the surge Bitcoin has due to similar circumstances.

Despite not thinking about how rich Hanyecz could be, he is proud to contribute to Bitcoin’s early days. He says that he is a proud backer of Bitcoin. Furthermore, he says that it serves as a reminder that people must use cryptocurrencies in similar ways. Additionally, Hanyecz says that with the help of buying pizza, Bitcoin became legitimate. Also, he explains the difficulty he faced during Bitcoin transactions around 2010. The reason that he gave was that people did not know what a cryptocurrency was. Along with unfamiliarity, people didn’t do transactions because of low values of cryptocurrencies on those days.

May 22- Bitcoin Pizza Day for the crypto community

Concerning all transactions possible with crypto-coins, crypto-community celebrates May 22 as the Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Currently, Bitcoin enjoys a huge surge of over 8,000 dollars in the past 30 days. It has reached reportedly, about 48 percent in its pricing.

Since 2010, the value of cryptocurrencies increased, and people can buy lots of things now. Also, towards the end of 2017, Bitcoin boomed above 20,000 dollars. It resulted in businesses to flourish to provide investors with cash on returns. At that time, people bought many things with crypto-coins like from KFC, real estate, etc. But, with the drop in the price, many services dropped too. However, people can still buy things online with crypto-coins like Bitcoin.

On the other hand, analysts point towards US-China trade war as a significant reason for the surge. As per reports, the trade war is on high voltage giving the world economy another direction. And, Bitcoin, at the same time, continues to soar high amid this war. Speculators believe the crypto-coin will surge even higher to break previous records.

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