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Product Owner of Bankex hosts a Reddit AMA

Bankex to host AMA on reddit

Join Alexey Maklakov, the product owner of Bankex, as he will host an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit today on the 10th August. The AMA will be taking place on /r/EthTrader, which is home to the most voracious and well-versed groups of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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Bankex describes itself as a global fintech company that operates a Proof-of-Asset Protocol to bring Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) and blockchain together to facilitate the digitization, tokenization and exchange of traditional assets. Bankex aims to compete with industry leaders such as Goldman Sachs and Coinbase.

Bankex is building a series of technologies using asset tokenization. According to their CEO Igor Khmel, their mission is to build the Internet of Assets by developing upon the blockchain transparent digital economic tools, products and services.These assets underpin inclusive fintech ecosystems to survive decentralized capital markets.

The AMA conducted by Alexey comes hot off the heels from the last AMA hosted by Head of Community at Bankex, Grigory Yakushev.  

Grigory Yakushev

In the AMA, Grigory addressed issues surrounding a fall in the number of members within their Telegram community since their ICO. He addressed this by pointing out how their Telegram group was not an indicator of the size of their community. He was able to make this claim since they also possess a sizeable community on Wechat and KakaoTalk. Grigory further highlighted the growth in community size on Instagram and in the size of real token holders, all accomplishments achieved during a bear market trend.

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