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Create Your Own Cryptocurrency on BitExchange Using Its AI-Powered Proprietary Cryptocurrency Creator Software

The trend of cryptocurrency adoption has grown tremendously over the years. There is a huge demand for cryptocurrencies that can solve real-world problems, and the community is willing to accept such tokens. There are a number of blockchain and crypto-based projects that have come up with great ideas in regard to solving problems and adding value through their tentative tokens. 

However, most projects face one common hurdle in the process – Creating a sustainable cryptocurrency that is technically robust and also meets various kinds of regulatory compliances. BtExchange is a technology company that solves this problem through its AI-powered Cryptocurrency creation service. 

About BitExchange

BitExchange is a blockchain-focused technology platform that enables you to create your own cryptocurrency – be it a security token or a utility token. The platform is equipped with a unique cryptocurrency creator software, using which one can develop native tokens and also pre-define important parameters like Name, Abbreviation, Logo, coin type, Hashing algorithm, Retargetting Algorithm, Block Reward type, Reward halving rate, Premine, Maximum Block size, etc. 

Once the token is created using the BitExchange software, it also allows you to deploy your own cryptocurrency exchange, and pair your token with other cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. 

Why is BitExchange unique? 

As mentioned earlier, the biggest hurdle in creating any cryptocurrency is about making sure that the token is technically sound, and abides by regulatory compliances. BitExchange’s cryptocurrency creator addresses these issues and offers the following features. 

  • The user can create a cryptocurrency as per his/her exact requirements. 
  • All tokens created on the platform are aligned with ERC-20 standards. 
  • All Utility tokens created on the platform pass the Howey Test.
  • In the case of utility tokens, the creator software defines important parameters necessary to classify your token as a NON-SECURITY token. This is one of the aspects where most utility tokens are discarded by the regulatory authority.
  • All tokens created on the platform are made to pass multiple security tests to ensure the privacy and safety of the users. 
  • BitExchange’s AI-powered cryptocurrency creator software automatically ensures that the tokens (utility or security) created on the platform are compliant to general ICO and STO rules. Moreover, it automatically feeds important compliance information to the smart contract. 

Summing Up

All in all, BitExchange is the one-stop solution to overcome all the common hurdles of launching your own cryptocurrency. Its unique software assists you throughout the process – from creating to launching. Moreover, BitExchange also comprises a skilled and experienced marketing team that provides ICO/STO Marketing services. 

Few of the prominent altcoins created using BitExchange’s proprietary cryptocurrency software include – BitBay, RubyCoin, Neutron, Delphy, etc. Owing to its unique set of services, BitExchange has already been featured on the global level at Forbes, WSJ, BBC, and a number of other well-known publications.


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