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Confimprese, Italian Retail Association partners with blockchain loyalty startup Qiibee

Confimprese partners with Qiibee

Qiibee, a startup that enables storage and redemption of loyalty programs on blockchain has recently partnered with Confimprese. This partnership will empower Qiibee to leverage a large pool of connections that Confimprese has established with some of the most renowned brands worldwide.

The Italian Retail Association Confimprese is a network of companies from the commerce space which includes retail, franchising, and direct modes of operation. By supporting the development and growth of its members, the association envisions to safeguard their interests in Italy as well as globally.

Confimprese was founded in 1999 and today boasts of an extraordinary client network, including global giants like KFC, coffee producer Lavazza, the biggest publishing house of Italy Mondadori, entertainment conglomerate Disney, Pandora, along with Agip, a petrol station network spread across Italy with over 6,000 points of sale. With such impactful players, the company has built relationships with over 300 commercial brands, 600,000 operators, 30,000 points of sale.

Qiibee is relatively new to the business space with its commencement in 2015 by Gabriele and Gianluca Giancola to offer a blockchain based loyalty program. With the recent partnership, Qiibee has already offered 300 Confimprese clients an opportunity to run their respective loyalty programs on blockchain, with negotiations in process.

“What Qiibee are doing is revolutionary, and I am convinced that this is the type of development that is necessary for the next generation of retail companies in Italy to evolve,” shared Mario Resca, President of Confimprese. “With Qiibee, the customer journey is turned on its head as loyalty points remain at the forefront of customers’ minds, driving them to make purchases and propelling them to be advocates of the loyalty ecosystem. Repeat custom is the basis of traditional loyalty programs; however this often results in customers waiting a significant length of time to claim a free coffee for example,” he further added.

The Qiibee ecosystem not only enables customers to have a frictionless experience but also offers advanced security features and a platform to gain the real value of loyalty tokens against fiat and other cryptocurrencies.

“Within the qiibee ecosystem, customers will always have full control of, and transparency about, their loyalty programs and tokens. We want to offer Confimprese and its member brands the possibility of engaging with blockchain technology without the need for cost-intensive integration for brands or an upfront investment for customers,” said Giancola.

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