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Coinipop Crypto Trading Experts Bring Trends To 2020


The year 2019 was a remarkable year for the crypto community with lots of advancement, new alliance, birth of new gems and the usual rise and fall of crypto values. The year was also filled with some happening going south for the crypto community with a few more crypto exchange being hacked, a crypto boss dying with the passcode of digital assets worth billions of dollars undisclosed. Government intervention in various levels and the special growth  occurrences in countries like Sweden and Estonia. 

A look into the cause and effect of these past happenings makes sure of only one thing and that is that the crypto world is growing strong and entering into the decade which will finally give the wild spread  adoption it deserves. Here are however, a few predicted trends that could lace the year 2020 according to Coinipop crypto trading experts. 

  1. Coinipop Crypto Trading Experts – CHINA’S LAUNCHES NATIONAL CRYPTO 

The Chinese government for a while now has been very heavy on the adoption of crypto currency and it’s back bone technology -Blockchain. The government believes  that the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency currency are undoubtedly in the future if human interaction took and that it will greatly determine how we view money and indeed value generally henceforth. It’s notable to mention that China has the highest number of crypto based start up companies anywhere around the world and the Chinese government is pouring in investment in billions of dollars to develop the country’s national cryptocurrency – sort of a digital yuan. 

  1. Coinipop Crypto Trading Experts  – LAUNCH OF FAVEBOOK’S LIBRA 

The Libra project was made popular for various reasons at different times during 2019. Chief of those periods were when it was been stoned by the legislative arm of the United States government. The back and forth was basically trending then because of the issues users have come out to say they encountered using the facebook platform particularly concerning their privacy. The Libra project however should launch this year and is one if the most anticipated crypto trend release expected in the new year 2020. The project which is backed by heavy weights from Silicon Valley will no doubt be entrenched in facebook(the company)’s social media platforms including facebook, whatsapp and instagram. 

  1. Coinipop Crypto Trading Experts  – THE GROWTH OF ETHEREUM 

Ethereum has gone ahead to become an household name for anything related to cryptocurrency and that is because they have constantly extended their function to more than just providing and  maintaining a digital asset. The team has since gone to create a platform that allows other crypto products to be easily created. This move solely has secured the Ether coin as one of the most traded coin just after bitcoin. Undoubtedly, the team behind developing Ethereum  2.0 will do more this year, taking Blockchain and the crypto sphere a notch higher. 

  1. Coinipop Crypto Trading Experts  – GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS 

Despite the mention of decentralization constantly as part of the major attributes of cryptocurrency, some government if nations like India Are still been adamant in the possibilities of having cryptocurrency  in a free range as it is supposed . The year 2020 will no doubt feature more government activities, regulations that will be made to make or mar the development of the crypto community as the innovation along with its Blockchain buddy tries to force open new terrain for expansion. 

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