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Breaking Down Victorieum With Founder & CEO Meshal Alenezi


Victorieum is a blockchain project aiming to deploy its own Cryptocurrency Banking System, with its units situated off-shore. Victorieum Crypto bank will provide end-to-end banking services to its users like credit-cards, loans, asset management, etc. The platform will also try to mitigate the security risks through mandatory KYC of the users. With its next generation cryptocurrency, Victorieum Token, the platform aims to outrun the present day crypto-market limits.

Victorieum platform’s high-level architecture is designed keeping both speed and stability as priorities. . Victorieum token is just the first step towards the grand roadmap of crypto-economy. As the platform will advance, state-of-the-art financial tools for crypto-payments, exchanges, banking, and financial services will be made available for its customers.

Meshal Alenezi is the founder and CEO of the Victorieum project. Coinedict had the opportunity to speak with Meshal Alenezi to better understand Victorieum and what it provides.

Coinedict: An initiative to create an entirely separate ‘Crypto Banking System’, what stimulated you to convert this thought into reality?

Meshal: The thought of creating an entirely separate ‘Crypto-banking system,’ was simple. Cryptocurrencies are anonymous and free from any form of external control (i.e. Governments, banks, etc.). This scares the centralized powers, and many countries have imposed bans and strict regulations on Cryptocurrencies. Victorieum’s mission, therefore, is to counter these centralized actions and enable the opportunities in crypto-market for everyone around the globe. A separate banking system will ensure that Victorieum functions without any influence from third parties.


Coinedict: Location of the user is vital to determine whether he/she can utilize the technology. How do you intend to overcome the challenges and regulations posted by the nations across the globe?

Meshal: This is where Victorieum’s Offshore crypto banking system comes into play. Our users can be from any part of the world. They can access the Victorieum bank online and get their KYC approved. Ones the user’s KYC is complete, he/she can freely use cryptocurrencies to Trade, Swap, Exchange, Invest, Save, and so on. Regarding the national regulations, Victorieum complies legally with all the countries, except USA & Belize, so that its users can enjoy full crypto-banking services.


Coinedict: What is the form of your conventional structure that shall solve all investment requirements by bridging the financial services along with the blockchain technology?

Meshal: Victorieum is a full service offshore cryptocurrency bank. The idea behind bridging the financial services with the blockchain technology is to provide the users with highest level of security, anonymity, faster services, global connectivity, and trust. Since, any activity over the blockchain is immutable, it simply becomes more easier to use Victorieum from any point in the world without worrying about the risk, trust, and misuse of your crypto assets. Regarding the form of conventional structure, Victorieum is just like any other renowned bank with multiple financial products and services. The only difference lies in the fact that it allows full use of Cryptocurrencies.


Coinedict: What is the utility of TrezorTM and CivicTM in the proposed model?

Meshal: Victorieum has integrated the digital functions of TrezorTM and CivicTM over its entire ecosystem. TrezorTM is among the most reliable and ubiquitous hardware wallets around the globe. It allows for Offline information storage and cross compatibility for the users. CivicTM, on the other hand, provides novelty in identity verification for blockchain technology, and enables real-time customer authorization. CivicTM also ensures highly-resilient security for the entire platform.


Coinedict: How Victorieum is set to perform exchanges between cryptocurrencies or instating fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies or vice versa?

Meshal: Victorieum’s inbuilt exchange platform along with the banking functions ensures that the user/account holder can trade, exchange, invest or swap between crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat, and fiat-crypto pairs.


Coinedict: What is your initiative to remove ‘anonymous’ attribute of the cryptocurrencies that makes them prone to illegal activities?

Meshal: Victorieum ensures that the ‘Anonymous’ attribute of the cryptocurrencies does not result in illegal or shady activities as is feared by the national governments. Victorieum’s user compliance demands full KYC and verification process before he/she can start using its features.


Coinedict: What are IBAN or BIC and Swift Transfer MT103? What purpose do they serve?

Meshal: Victorieum allow the users to enjoy full bank account functions where International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) are used as the account number and sort code in an internationally recognized format. As for Swift Transfer MT103, it is a swift payment format used to transfer cash/assets across borders/international wire transfers. Swift Transfer MT103 allows instant SWAP between crypto-crypto, fiat-crypto, and crypto-fiat pairs.


Coinedict: What is a dedicated passive income program? How is it different from that provided by the traditional banks?

Meshal: Victorieum’s dedicated passive income program is a unique offering for the Victorieum Token holders. It allows the token holder to enroll in any of the four passive program schemes, and lock in the VTM coin for a certain period of time. The token holder then receives a certain percentage of profit monthly from the accrued profit. Victorieum’s passive income program is different from traditional banks. Firstly, the projected returns will be higher than the returns by traditional banks, second, the value of the VTM coins itself will appreciate over time providing the investor an opportunity to gain capital appreciation apart from the profit.


Coinedict: How do you support mutual funds investment and provisions of insurance and crypto backed loans? How many kinds of accounts are provided by Victorieum and what is the purpose of each kind?

Meshal: Victorieum will provide mutual-fund investment in cryptocurrencies through skilled investors and account managers who will manage the risk for the Victorieum account holders. Similarly, the insurance products and offers will be recommended to the account holder based on their needs. Victorieum will also allow for P2P lending of loans via the platform itself. Meaning, the users can lend their crypto-assets or fiat currencies to other users with maximum security, and the borrower can get loans within 24-hours.

Victorieum will provide the following types of accounts;

  • Current Account: For corporates and individuals for instant access to large amount of funds.
  • Savings Account: For individuals to deposit money, earn interest, and withdraw money anytime with limited number of transactions.
  • Fixed Deposit Accounts: An FD Account will allow the account holder to earn fixed interest rate over a pre-decided period of time by the Victorieum bank.
  • Checking Accounts: For users to access their account history and transaction statements.
  • Daily Liquidity Accounts: Account for users with regular requirement of money for payments and fast transactions.
  • Multi-currency Account: This type of Victorieum account will enable the user to trade, swap or exchange multiple currencies, both fiat and crypto.


Coinedict: How does TransUnion work?

Meshal: TransUnion provides credit monitoring alerts through its integrated functionality with the Victorieum platform. The credit bureau is used to audit standard credit applications where the users are regularly notified with monitoring alerts provided with the help of TransUnion. The system sends prompt notifications by making preliminary checks to identify suspicious activities and track malicious users. The credit bureau alerts enable users to take control of their identity.


Coinedict: What do you mean by C-Wallet and E-Wallet and what purpose do they serve?  

Meshal: Both E-wallet and a C-wallet will support the online trading environment. The E-wallet will be used for making banking transactions or peer to peer payments. These payments will be supported by verification code to be sent via phone call, SMS, or Email. On the other hand, the C-wallet provides support to the user to handle different cryptocurrencies and make instant transactions.


Coinedict: What are the  essential features of each silver, gold and platinum card?

Meshal: Victorieum will provide Silver, Gold, and Platinum cards to the users depending on the number of tokens they hold. Their features include:

  • Victorieum Silver Card: User must hold 10000 VTM, gets 15% discount on exchange and money transfer, can withdraw cash, fees for interbanking, 0.5% cashbacks on transfers, and 0.5% time deposit.
  • Victorieum Gold Card: User must hold 100000 VTM, Gets 30% discount on Exchange & money transfers,  can withdraw cash, fees for interbanking, 1% cashbacks on transfers, and 1.2% time deposit.
  • Victorieum Platinum Card: User must hold 200000 VTM, Gets 50% discount on Exchange & money transfers,  can withdraw cash, fees for interbanking, 1.5% cashbacks on transfers, and 1.5% time deposit.


Coinedict: How much is allocated for the bounty? How do you plan to unfold your bounty campaign?

Meshal: A total of 15 Million VTM coins have been allocated for bounty. Victorieum’s bounty program is already in force.


Coinedict: Is the project roadmap justified and executed as per planned development pipeline? Are there any backlogs so far?

Meshal: Victorieum’s project roadmap has been carefully designed to accommodate any unforeseen challenges and delays. Currently, the project is running as per the schedule and there are no backlogs.


Coinedict: What’s your personal opinion on blockchain and how do you imagine a future built with blockchain at its core?

Meshal:  Our team’s vision regarding Blockchain and its future is crystal clear. We believe that the internet was a revolution, and blockchain is revolutionizing the internet itself. It brings the power of security, trust, and monetization to every person in the world, free of any autocratic control. The inherent features of the technology make it the worthwhile candidate for a better, transparent and democratic digital world where each of us are somehow connected. Blockchain based projects are simply bringing the future closer to us everyday.


Coinedict: Tell us something about your community? How big and active is it?

Meshal: Victorieum takes pride in its large and active community that is supporting the project with all their efforts each day. Currently, there are 23,000+ active members for Victorieum on Telegram, and thousands of followers on various Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Coinedict: What kind of people are involved in making this vision a reality?

Meshal: Victorieum had been manifested to a tangible project from just an idea by some influential minds from across various domains of expertise and nationalities. You can read about the Victorieum’s core team and advisors here in the ‘Team’ section.


Coinedict: Could you brief us about the competitive advantages in terms of performance and security as compared to rivals?

Meshal: Speaking of the competition, Victorieum is presenting a unique solution to a persistent problem in the crypto-domain. There are a few platforms/companies that are operating in somewhat similar space to ours. However, Victorieum faces no direct competition due to its unique offshore crypto-banking and platform model. Our competitive advantage for any future rival includes- Huge Number Of Early Adopters, Offshore Banking Model, Numerous products and services to facilitate customers, Exceptional founding team and board of advisors.  

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