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Brave crosses 10 million downloads on Google Play Store

Brave browser on Google play

Last Friday, Brave Software announced on Twitter that its crypto-based web browser Brave browser had received 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. With this, the open-source platform has doubled its user base within four months.

The browser has been witnessing rapid growth in its customer base as the downloads on Google Play Store hit the five million mark in May, just six months after it saw one million downloads.

Brave Software tweeted

“Thrilled that Brave for @Android now has over 10 million downloads! Thank you to our users for choosing to browse faster and safer, and for valuing privacy protection!”

The crypto-awarding browser is known for its ad-blocking feature. The Brave model uses its Basic Attention Token (BAT) to reward users and content publishers for their respective contributions. Brave Browser operates with a vision to disrupt the current model of digital content monetisation which relies on monitoring of user behaviour, the sale of user data, and revenue from advertisements.

Brave has been able to set some impressive milestones since the start. This began when the ICO raised $36 million in 30 seconds. Additionally, it also set a benchmark for raising the highest amount of funds in a given year until then.

The browser has been able to garner partnerships with several high-impact organisations and individuals which has lifted the company’s profile and accelerated its growth. These partnerships include one with Dow Jones Media Group which gives the Brave Browser’s users access to top-quality content across its extensive database of publications.

With its revolutionary model, Brave offers content creators like YouTubers and Twitch streamers an opportunity to make considerably higher profits than what they would with the existing model of advertising. Given such benefits, Philip DeFranco, the American YouTuber with over 6 million subscribers recently signed a contract with Brave.

“I’ve used it as well but honestly I’m pretty sure 99.999% of the users are just using it for adblocking. Even with the free BAT tokens they’re giving out I’ve never found a way to meaningfully use them in my normal browsing so Brave will end up taking them back anyways,” commented a Reddit user. “If more sites actually accepted BAT it’d be more useful,” the user added.

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