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Book on Distributed Ledger Technology published by the Chinese Communist Party

A book by chinese communist party

China’s local media outlet, People’s Network, reports of a book titled Blockchain- A Guide for Officials being published by the People’s Daily Publishing House. The publishing house is led by the Chinese Communist party which hopes to elucidate different aspects of the distributed ledger technology through the book in order to guide bureaucrats.

The book provides detailed insight into the factors that led to the creation of distributed ledger technology alongside its existing and future applications in industries such as business, technology, legal amongst others.

The book also contains a chapter penned by the president of People’s Network, Ye Hao, titled  ‘From Internet Thinking to Blockchain Thinking’. An excerpt from the chapter reads as follows:

“We call on the industry peers to continue to look at the blockchain technology with a development perspective. Looking at the blockchain label from a scientific perspective, look at the blockchain industry with a strategic eye, look at the blockchain business opportunities with a calm eye, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the blockchain industry.”

According to Hao, using distributed ledger technology would help present an equitable manner with which resources could be distributed. The book also features contributions from striking individuals such as Shoucheng Zhang, founding chairman of Dana Capital, Duan Yongchao, chief strategy officer at Caixin Media Group, Xue Jingzhong, Hangzhou Investment Management partner, and Zhang Xuguang, Zhejiang Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association president.

The book will be the third in a series of books published by the People’s Daily Publishing House. Previous books in the series highlighted technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Digital China. The buzz surrounding distributed ledger technology has been on the rise in China ever since President Xi Jinping termed blockchain as a ‘breakthrough technology’. The Paper also reported on the 9th of August that the Bank of China will be investing no less than 1% of their $70 billion revenue into research and development of technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things and fintech.

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