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Blockchain Gaming Insightful Resolution A Peek at Yooshi’s Value Margin From the Dimensions of Threshold, Liquidity and Value Capture

Without fear of bulls and bears, blockchain games provide a long-term solution for “mobile hot money”. Since the 5.19 Black Swan, Bitcoin and Ethereum have not seen a very strong market rebound. And the cryptocurrency price sideways for two months shows that everyone has a great disagreement on the market, which means that a large amount of funds are in a wait-and-see state. This part of the money is very mobile and will be able to discover and follow hotspots. Therefore, even with the sluggish market and shrinking trading volume, there can still be projects with amazing growth rates.

It is worth mentioning that the current outbreak of the blockchain gaming sector is not accidental, but inevitable.

Before the 5.19 market, the market was active, new projects were emerging one after another, the enthusiasm of users was high, and the gas handling fee on the blockchain was extremely high. However, the market has entered a downturn in the past two months, and users are in a wait-and-see or Buddhist state of holding cryptocurrency. This is also the reason for the data plummet of a large number of DeFi projects, because no one has pledged to borrow coins, liquidity mining or transactions.

The reduced market fluctuations and gas handling fees are just the perfect things for the development of games, because users can play games with ease, and lower gas handling fees also allow users to lower costs.

The cryptocurrency circle is like a big bazaar. Once upon a time, DeFi and the zoo stage were singing hotly. As a result, the bazaar was hit and the crowd dispersed. After a while, the stage of the blockchain gaming began to lively, and then attracted the attention of the circle.

In the cryptocurrency circle of the capital game, the user population is always attractive, not just the project itself.

This is a very important indicator. It is more difficult to convert speculators, because they are here to make money, and there must be sufficient reasons for speculators to take risks with real money. So many project brains, inviting big V platforms, dropping to send money, and even their own Drawers, etc. is to increase the number of wait-users only.

But as long as you come to play the blockchain gaming project , that is the cryptocurrency holder of the project. In the case of a sluggish market, if a project has the function of making gold, that is, Play to Earn, there will be many players playing such a gaming in order to earn living expenses.

Two “Questions” of the Current Explosive Blockchain gaming Project!
Since the explosion of the blockchain gaming sector is inevitable, why are there always only a few projects that stand out? The other items in the sector just follow the market and do not have their own independent market. This requires us to thoroughly analyze the project mechanism and their market data.

* Data related to the gaming project on DappRadar’s BSC

Question 1: Why does the gaming project have a huge difference in growth?
It can be seen that the number of 24-hour users of CryptoBlades, which ranks number one, greatly exceeds that of the following projects. And this part of the gap also caused the price of CryptoBlades to rise more than 200 times in this half month. The cryptocurrency price of MyDeFiPet, which ranks second, has only increased by 4 times. The past seven days rose only 30% did not even say with this wave of market, contrast is obvious.

Let us observe other data of these two projects:

It can be seen that the cryptocurrency holders and the number of transfers of the two projects are almost the same, and even MyDeFiPet has a greater advantage in the number of social platforms.

CryptoBlades( SKILL )
It is a medieval RPG game, through purchasing SKILL to cultivate heroes and purchase equipment. Then fight with the matched enemies and get SKILL rewards. The SKILL rewards obtained can be sold on the secondary market at any time, which truly implements the “Play to Earn” concept. Allow users to get considerable benefits while playing games.

My DeFi Pet( DPET )
And MyDeFiPet, like the recent axie infinity, is a gaming developed by cute pets. It can be said that MyDeFiPet has borrowed (plagiarized) axie infinity to a certain extent.

But the problem that My DeFi Pet currently faces is that the gaming can only be recharged and cannot be “withdrawn”. The inability to “withdraw cash” means that users cannot make money in the project, cannot make money through fighting or selling materials and equipment, and the entire ecology has not formed a closed loop. This is also the reason why MyDeFiPet has more cryptocurrency holders than CryptoBlades, but its active users are less than one-tenth of the latter.

Question 2: Why did AXS emerge suddenly?
So why is the leader Axie Infinity? What is unique about Axie Infinity ?

The Product Is Mature and Supported
We know that Axie Infinity is a project supported by Binance, and the gaming has been developed for 3 years and is well-made. These are the advantages of Axie Infinity. But these conditions are not unique. The core of axie infinity comes from the ecological construction of the project.

Lower the Threshold and Improve Scalability

The above picture shows the data of the Ronin side blockchain developed by the project itself. In order to reduce the cost of the gaming for players, Axie Infinity has developed a side blockchain for the smooth progress of the game. The side blockchain has deposited multiple tokens of Ethereum AXS SLP and many AEC NFTs. kind of assets. After the launch of the Ronin side blockchain DEX, it can not only be used as a place for token swaps, but also for liquidity mining, which will greatly enhance the playability and liquidity of AXS tokens. There will also be more and more assets deposited on the Ronin side blockchain.

Traditional GameFi = gaming + DeFi
The above is still limited to the meta-universe and blockchain games for discussion, and below we can carry out the thinking divergence. Looking back at the DeFi market that broke out last year, why did the DeFi market explode so violently and persistently in the block blockchain world?

The reason is that DeFi is a scene migration from the financial world to the blockchain, such as brokers and DEX, banks and lending, general equivalents and stable coins, etc. The hard data possessed by the outbreak of the DeFi project is the amount of lock-up and transaction volume of TVL, that is, its value capture ability.

Let’s go back to the blockchain game. In fact, the blockchain gaming is also a Ronin side blockchain with a locked position. Now 5w Ethereum has a market value of 100 million U.S. dollars. The transaction fee contributed by the player’s purchase of pets and transactions in the gaming is also the income of the blockchain gaming and the transaction volume of the project. DeFi has some elements of the blockchain in the same place, which is a blockchain of travel that has another title GameFi which is a combination of gaming and DeFi.

YooShi’s GameFi = gaming + DeFi + DAO + NFT
The only difference between GameFi and DeFi is that DeFi projects have passed the test of time and can be operated for a long time, because the demand for transaction lending has always existed. The veteran-level tour CryptoKitty blockchain has gone through three or four years, even if the people are still playing, but most people would think users will be tired of this simple gaming of cat while CryptoKitty will head towards recession.

In fact, it is not just a blockchain game. Games that resonate all over the world in the real world, from Warcraft to Dota, etc., are inevitably going to decline. Even the thriving League of Legends has many people screaming that “games have a life cycle after all.” As a game, it is not easy to be popular for a while, let alone a long-term popularity.

From the above analysis, we know that a popular blockchain gaming needs to have Play to Earn and rich ecological gameplay. In the context of the GameFi fire, everyone is eager to know the next GameFi project that will break out .

There is a project that is worthy of attention, and that is YooShi, this cute little dinosaur.

YooShi is a popular project in Korea, with a large number of coin holders, up to more than 200,000, and has a very good community foundation. The recent project has given its own views on GameFi , and the project team believes that GameFi is gaming +DeFi+Dao+NFT.

Unlike the traditional belief that GameFi = gaming + DeFi, YooShi introduces the concepts of NFT and DAO. This move makes YooShi richer than the general GameFi project ecology.

Yooshi NFT Computing Power: Has Value Capture Capabilities
In the YooShi GameFi system design, the project team regards gaming NFTs (such as characters, equipment, pets, etc.) as “mining machines”. According to different levels, different levels of “mining power” will be assigned. gaming governance token plays a huge role in the mining and issuance of creation.

Since “mining power” is closely related to the output of gaming governance Tokens, this means that a unit of “mining power” has a unit output. When the secondary market sets prices for governance tokens, the computing power will also receive value assignment.

These gaming NFTs also complete value capture.

Yooshi Dao: Lower the Barriers to Participation for Users and Developers
In traditional games, users cannot participate before the gaming is launched, and creators cannot know the real feedback from the market. It is easy for all efforts to fall short and there is great uncertainty.

In YooShi, gaming developers can post Bounty tasks through Bounty Square, and gaming eco-contributors can contribute their own strength (such as completing a gaming audio production, or discovering a gaming bug, or recommending many new ones. Players enter) complete bounty tasks to earn gaming governance token rewards.

These will help gaming developers spend lower costs to make up for their own R&D capabilities and publishing capabilities, and enable the gaming community to develop and grow in the early stages.

Yooshi GamePad: The First “Highly Liquid Steam Platform” in the Blockchain Gaming World
Although YooShi’s NFT and DAO concepts are brilliant and innovative, they are not the first gameplay. Even more noteworthy is YooShi’s recently launched GamePad, which is the first gaming fundraising platform on the Binance Smart blockchain (BSC) .

And the platform will soon launch the first GameFi gaming in the near future: DNAxCAT. This gaming brings together the most popular blind box and mining. In order to increase the popularity of the GamePad, the project will open the first mining bonus. The equipment opened in the NFT blind box will greatly increase the mining power.

YooShi’s GamePad is not just a pure crowdfunding platform. YooShi GamePad provides an open NFT pre-sale distribution channel for all incubating gaming projects. This unique NFT+Token brand-new financing and Token distribution method will be able to help the project build a healthier “initial market”.

The three major actions of GamePad can greatly enhance the liquidity of tokens, thereby reducing the risk of users.

  1. Token Creation Mining:
    By participating in the pre-sale of the gaming NFT, you can obtain the gaming NFT (which can be understood as a virtual “mining machine”) with “computing power” assignment, and pledge it to NFT Mining to participate in the creation and mining of the gaming governance Token. This is the first public distribution of the gaming Token.
  2. Initial liquidity injection:
    A certain percentage of the income generated from the pre-sale of NFT blind boxes will be allocated to gaming developers for gaming developers to use in gaming development. The remaining part will be injected as initial liquidity and locked in the DEX, and the ownership of the LP Token will be transferred to the multi-signature wallet address co-managed by YooShi.
  3. Liquidity mining:
    Yield Farming (liquid mining) and Staking are another “continuation” function of the GamePad module, which can effectively help the project governance Token to continue the value after the public issuance.

Outlook and Conclusion
From the above analysis, we can see that YooShi is standing in a higher-dimensional management project. Simple blockchain games are always outdated. Just like the League of Legends may not be played, but Tencent will develop King Glory, Peace Elite, etc.  This game’s final beneficiary is Tencent.

The same goes for YooShi. Every popular gaming released by GamePad will bring revenue to YooShi, and YooShi itself has more than 200,000 users. The conversion of gaming users is not a problem. As long as YooShi grows bigger and bigger, many excellent games in the future will inevitably enter the YooShi ecosystem. This also solves the problem that blockchain games cannot be operated for a long time.

YooShi’s future ecological richness will definitely increase the ceiling of its development.

About YooShi GamePad
YooShi GamePad (YooShi GameFi Launchpad) is the first NFT-based gaming IDO platform on Binance Smart Chain. YooShi GamePad will allow gaming developers to raise funds by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFT. Besides, YooShi will also help gaming developers solve blockchain technology issues and provide a complete GameFi system to ensure game revenue.

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