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Blockchain Game DNAxCAT Will Launch  Its Exclusive Crypto DNAxCAT on Binance NFT Marketplace on September 29th

Digital cat pet world DNAxCAT launched the sale of Genesis NFT through YooShi GamePad on August this year. With high-quality game production, various Play to Earn gameplay and the popular IP of DNAxCAT, DNAxCAT captured the love of a large number of blockchain game players as soon as it was launched. Meanwhile, as the first blockchain game launched by YooShi, DNAxCAT also ignited the wealth effect of YooShi’s wealth effect, which can be described as uncontrollable.

Blockchain players are eager to see and try gold farming on DNAxCAT. Now the good news has finally come: DNAxCAT not only scheduled the launch of the, but also cooperated with Binance, one of the world’s largest exchanges. It will launch the exclusive Crypto DNAxCAT NFT sale on Binance NFT at 12p.m. on September 29.

So what is the NFT of DNAxCAT sold on Binance this time, and what is its purpose in the game?

DNAxCAT’s Goddess Gem NFT can be used to stake mining and exchange meow warrior when the game is officially launched. Currently, the sale of Genesis has ended and can be traded on the market interface of YooShi. What DNAxCAT sells this time is the Crypto DNAxCAT NFT. Different from Gem NFT, it can be understood as an identity symbol with game privileges.

Specifically, Crypto DNAxCAT NFT has three main intrinsic values:

  • A Pass for priority participation in game testing

Originally, only owners of the DNAxCAT Cat Goddess Gem NFT were allowed to participate in the early testing of the game, but now owners of the Crypto DNAxCAT NFT also have priority in playing the game. In addition to enjoy the fun of the game, players can also continue to optimize the battle strategy through practice and crush other opponents after the game is officially launched!

  • The symbol of status

Why Avatar NTFs such as ACryptoPunks and BACY are so popular? In essence, they represent a social identity. Others only have a generic avatar in DNAxCAT, while you have your display your exclusive avatar in PVP, which pulls open the disparity of status with others.

  • Game properties privileges: increase the limit of energy

Anyone who has played Axie knows how important stamina is, as it is required to gain experience and rewards in battle, adventure and other modes. DNAxCAT’s energy is also similar to stamina, especially in the early stage of the game, where a higher energy limit means you can level up faster and get more rewards than anyone else!

How to obtain DNAxCAT’s exclusive Crypto DNAxCAT NFT?

According to the official introduction, DNAxCAT has a total of 10,000 exclusive Crypto DNAxCAT NFT, and only 100 will be sold in Binance NFT this time, each only costs 50 BUSD.

As for the remaining 9900 Crypto DNAxCAT NFT, the official has not disclosed when and how to sell them. However, according to the previous experience of the NFT sale on YooShi  platform, the price of the first round sale is generally the lowest, so it is recommended not to miss the Crypto DNAxCAT NFT sold on the Binance NFT market this time.

Remember this time: 12 pm. on September 29. Open the Binance NFT interface a few minutes in advance, prepare the BUSD in the account, and then wait for the opportunity on the simmer!

2021 can be called the year of the outbreak of the NFT sector. Based on this environment, Binance launched the NFT market in June this year. With the help of the community resources and brand influence of Binance, many high-quality projects have been well assisted and achieved brilliant market performance in the follow-up.

As the first blockchain game launched by YooShi, DNAxCAT has detonated a round of market hot spots when the Goddess Gem NFT was launched, and the number of twitter fans has already exceeded 40,000. Now, the cooperation between DNAxCAT and Binance will also obtain a greater degree of brand exposure and community promotion. I believe that the game will not disappoint players after the official launch, and it is likely to set off a wealth wave in the GameFi market again!

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