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bitsCrunch: Introducing The Guardians of NFT With The Power of AI

There’s no shortage of NFT projects in the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem. As the number of artworks being put over blockchain through the help of NFTs is increasing, the number of NFT marketplaces and other projects that aim to make it easier and better is also increasing. However, the NFT ecosystem too has its own challenges, which are turning out to be a roadblock in the adoption of this revolutionary technology. And there’s a serious shortage of projects that can fix those challenges to protect the integrity of the NFT ecosystem.

However, that may change soon as a new project called bitsCrunch is taking on the challenges of the NFT economy with its team of data experts who are best at their job. The company has developed a number of products and platforms that aim to fix the various issues related to transparency, reliability and security of digital assets that are put on NFT. 

About bitsCrunch 

bitsCrunch is an Indo-German Blockchain Analytics startup specializing in the blending AI with blockchain technology. Founded in 2020, the company is on a mission to leverage the full potential of AI to bring about new blockchain-based services that are safer and trustable, starting with the services for the NFT ecosystem. 

Solutions developed by bitsCrunch

The company has developed a number of platforms that help in achieving different objectives to make the whole NFT ecosystem better and more reliable. They include:

  • Scour: A wash trading detection platform to flag the manipulative movements in prices and volumes of NFTs.
  • Crunch DaVinci: A platform for detection of  digital asset forgery to protect the creators and their digital assets.
  • Liquify: A fair price estimation platform for NFTs
  • An analytics dashboard that provides critical information regarding NFTs based on certain KPIs.

A number of other platforms are also being developed by them. But these are their core products. And based on them you can see how each of their 4 platforms aims to become a pillar of the NFT ecosystem.   

The bitsCrunch team

Vijay Pravin Maharajan is the founder and CEO of bitsCrunch and Saravanan Jaichandran is the Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist. Vijay is a prominent figure in the AI industry, and he is also a TEDx Speaker. He was named one among the 20+ Inspiring Data Scientists to be followed by AI Time Journal, USA and was also included in 40 under 40 Data Scientists in India. The other members of the bitsCrunch team are also from professional backgrounds at well-known companies like SAP, American Express and TCS, so it’s a truly robust team at work. 


In a nutshell, the bitsCrunch project has everything at its disposal to become the guardian of the NFT ecosystem – a solid team, a portfolio of amazing platforms, and also the partnerships with some leading blockchain companies like Polygon, Rarible & Covalent. It shouldn’t be surprising if they emerge as the biggest force in the NFT space in near future.

To know more about bitsCrunch please visit here.

Media Contacts: [email protected] 

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