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Bitfoliex Wallet – Multi-Currency, Multiplatform Wallet with a Taste for Special Features

Bitfoliex Wallet – Multi-Currency, Multiplatform Wallet with a Taste for Special Features

Bitfoliex sees record increase in demand and new registrations, amid integration with the megastore chain. Bitfoliex has struck a deal with a megastore chain with its easy to use and simple yet secured platform. The bitfoliex wallet chain has about 1050 franchises all around South America and Brazil. We are likely to onboard many more millions of new users, with merchants using our platform. Since the senior executive of bitfoliex made this announcement, the platform already has thousands of new user registration every day.

Let’s get to know something more about the bitfoliex. As of today the platform currently facilitates only two operations.

  • Holding cryptocurrencies with top-notch security
  • Serving financial institutions to manage crypto assets.

It is also gearing up to provide custodial to institutional clients. This will allow bitfoliex to expand its market internationally and share and cater to a wide variety of clients. The company has announced that they are going to launch OTC (over-the-counter) services soon and they are for that story to develop as the crisis has slowed down every business process. In addition to its merchant payment system, this service will help anyone who can accept crypto payments in the world.

Bitfoliex is a collective benefit to the overall crypto market with a multi-currency multi-platform wallet with some taste of special features in it. Once the vendor integration is done, it will pump millions of users not only to the Bitfoliex platform but also to the overall crypto market. These people will have easy exposure to Bitcoin and learn more about crypto-economics.

Bitfoliex started as a wallet service back in October 2018, with more than 870,000 registered users with active participation. As we know that it is not popular like other crypto platforms but it is gaining the light on the everyday basis given to its futuristic approach of user experience on the platform.

It is an online service platform that gives the options to the users to get the advantage of multi-currency transactions at one platform. It also provides the facility to the users for the exchange of bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM), and Traxalt Tokens. It uses the highest security possible in securing its platform and wallet service to its users.

The bitfoliex system and platform have been carefully curated and designed to give the best in experience to the users with the adaption of the daily market trends and technical standards to the users to make the crypto world fast, safe, and reliable.    

As we know this is the historic moment in all of our life where FIAT is being pumped in the economy. The public is getting robbed out of their own money. This is one of the best times when people need to learn about bitfoliex and need to know about its different and special features. This is the right time to start sending or receiving digital currency through this multi-currency and multi-platform wallet.

Keep yourself updated on coins flare with the latest cryptocurrency listings across exchanges and market opportunities. wants to teach you the easiest and fastest way to store and transact with cryptocurrencies. The bitfoliex team is committed to doing everything they can to help you learn exciting new ways to manage your financial future through cryptocurrencies. Bitfoliex is about everything you need in one place. It’s a multipurpose platform to transact your digital amount.

The exchange has been registering new users at a record and overwhelming rate. A recent announcement about their current venture has made headlines in the crypto industry and led to more interest in the platform. It’s interesting, different, and multi-purpose features attract users. The multiplatform wallet is top-rated among the daily crypto users looking for an integrated, secured, and stable wallet. It has been honored to mention that bitfoliex is among one of the best crypto exchanges in 2020.

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