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BitArk — The universal distributed storage protocol in the era of Web 3.0

The BitArk protocol, the world’s first universal Web3.0 distributed storage protocol, was officially launched recently. BitArk is an emerging concept and a disruptive technology would revolutionarily change data storage industry. It provides a general distributed data storage infrastructure for Web3.0; and establishes the data storage foundation of the Metaverse. By integrating a variety of current distributed storage technologies and leveraging token incentive mechanism, BitArk’s vision is to build up a Web3.0 storage ecosystem supporting all kinds of applications and incentive programs. BitArk team is founded by the blockchain experts, professors in computer science and physics, and experienced software engineers.

Nowadays,the fast-growing data demands the reliable storage supporting convenient read, write, modify, and migration repeatedly in an secure environment. It is well known that there are inevitable defects and disadvantages existing in the centralized storage. Which introduce the challenges to data security, storage efficiency and cost, etc. However, the decentralized storage solutions, such as IPFS, significantly improve the efficiency and the security of data storage cost effectively nevertheless, while the heterogeneous distributed storage platforms and solutions have been developed and applied, new challenges start to appear.

There is no agreed protocol for the heterogeneous distributed storage system or solution do to leverage to enable the data flow across the platforms. The solo data islands are created, which result in the poor storage capacity utilization. More difficultly, the customer has to make a tough decision selecting the storage solution as it is very challenging to share the data across the distributed storage systems. The flexibility and scalability of the storage is highly limited. A large amount of data is simply stored but not shared effectively. The value of the data, the capacity of the storage, and the resource consumed is all wasted. Eventually, it is so called “Distributed” storage, while every single platform works alone.

BitArk, a disruptive and forward-looking distributed storage protocol is meant to be a solution. The BitArk protocol brings the revolution to data storage in the Web 3.0 era.

BitArk’s mission is to establish a general Web3.0 storage layer, running with an universal protocol on the top of a variety of distributed storage protocols, including IPFS, which supports distributed database and distributed computing layer.

For the first time, BitArk introduces the concept of entropy into distributed data storage, which helps to establish rules and standards for distributed data storage in the era of Web 3.0. BitArk protocol creates a set of mechanisms to encourage labeling and classifying data, promote storing the structured data, and achieve a low-entropy state for the data system

BitArk has another mission acting as an incubator for the new distributed storage applications. Web 3.0 embraces diversity. In the era of Web 3.0, more storage solutions will be developed to meet the diverse needs. And more and more applications will consume all those newly developed distributed storage solutions. BitArk is creating a general distributed storage development environment providing developers with SDK based on BitArk protocol. Any developer can easily develop and deploy applications with the most suitable distributed storage solution.

At present, a number of applications have been actively running based on BitArk protocol. For example, BitArk Personal, provides the permanent data storage for individuals; BitArk Science provides storage for scientific research data, and BitArk NFT provides the permanent storage for NFT works.

Besides, BitArk protocol and its universal distributed storage ecology also provides data storage infrastructure, standards and rules for the coming Metaverse.

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