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Binance Becomes the Second Receiver of LFC’s Partnership Invitation after Tron

Binance Second Receiver of LFC’s Partnership Invitation

The football club of England, Liverpool FC is to take big stands. According to reports, one of the largest clubs for football is planning to include blockchain and cryptocurrency. Recently, it sent an invitation to Justin Tron. As per matter of fact, Sun is the Founder of Tron. Thus, it hints the club’s partnership with Tron.

Similarly, an invitation is also sent to Changpeng Zhao. He is the CEO of Binance, world largest crypto exchange. This new is taking shape after the recent tweet of CEO of Binance.

On the other hand, Marcel Weigmann is the Partnership development manager at England’s Liverpool FC. As per reports, he invited Changpeng Zhao to discuss in details regarding the upcoming partnership. The invitation also reads that the Club is a great platform for marketing. Further, he adds that the partnership will foster benefits to Binance.

Currently, the club, Liverpool FC was at the peak level in 2018-19. Interestingly, the club grabs the title of ‘most watched’ leagues for football English Premier League or EPL.

LFC plans to launch its Cryptocurrency

However, with the back to back invitations, Liverpool FC plans to launch its cryptocurrency. And, for that, it plans to release it on the Tron platform. It also wants to have the support from Binance which is the largest one in the globe.

Moreover, the club, Liverpool does not remain to be the only team to enter into crypto space. Earlier, a trading platform which goes by the name eToro signed collaboration with seven clubs. The clubs include in the partnership were Brighton & Hove Albion FC, Tottenham Hotspur, and Crystal Palace FC. Others Remaining in the list were Cardiff City FC, Newcastle United FC, Southampton FC, and Leicester Coty FC.

Although the partnership aimed to improve the fan experience, it also provides player transfers. The experience included the purchase of tickets, merchandise, and voting. As per matter of fact, the voting is for important issues regarding the club. The transfer of players is for exchanging cryptocurrency.

However, as per spokesperson of LFC, they denied the existence of this crypto company. They did do after the announcement of Tron regarding the partnership. LFC also denies any sort of partnership with any crypto company.

Justin Sun Avoids mentioning regarding partnership

Curiously, Justin Sun avoids mentioning anything about this partnership in his tweets. He is doing it after the previous announcement.

On the contrary, Jesse Powell shares a spam message on his Twitter account.  Powell is the CEO of crypto exchange which goes by the name Kraken Exchange. He also tweets that the message offer benefit on account of partnership with LFC.

Still, Changpeng Zhao has to say on the topic. According to Zhao, a specific employee of LFC invited them. He says that the specific person is Marcel Weigmann. As mentioned the Partnership Development Manager of LFC is Weigmann.

Further, Justin Sun thanks LFC and says some words for them. He says that he is thankful for the innovative and unique invitation. He also says that Liverpool is successful in impressing. Furthermore, Sun looks forward to exploring the partnership.


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