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BET Gaming Network Sets Eyes on Bettering Blockchain Gaming Market

Blockchain technology has been taking the world by storm, but has only recently started slipping through the cracks of the traditional realm. As it continues to grow, recent focus has centered around one market with huge growth potential – gaming. It’s the perfect storm, as blockchain technology lends itself well to revolutionize gaming in profound ways, with radical benefits to all gamers. The main perks include transparency, immutable transactions, anonymous gaming, convenient asset management, and more. Gaming on the blockchain is poised to flood the industry with a tidal wave of new users and billions in potential revenue. 

This is where the BET Gaming Network (BGN) comes to the table. BGN has the mindset to convert this dream into reality by bringing blockchain gaming to the forefront, and subsequently overcoming all potential challenges. To do this, BGN plans to contribute to the expansion of creative solutions, introducing blockchain gaming to the traditional market. 

$BET is the native token of BGN, a central component in its value proposition. It powers the entire BGN ecosystem, since all partner platforms are required to buy up BET or introduce BET-based incentives.

What to Expect from BGN

BGN is beginning to revolutionize the traditional online casino industry by supporting and launching next-gen iGaming projects. Companies operating under the BGN umbrella often come along with blockchain-exclusive perks like provable fairness, on-chain verifications, and non-custodial accounts. Of course, user friendliness and tokenized incentives are an inherent part of the BGN brand ethos.   

The BET Gaming Network is also exploring white-label solutions to drive awareness and market their product offerings more broadly.

$BET, the Backbone of the BET Gaming Network

The $BET token was first launched on EarnBet (a decentralized crypto casino), to reward stakers by providing them with  a lower house edge, profit-sharing dividends, and more. To this day, $BET stakers have earned over $10 million in dividends, with this trend expected to continue as adoption rises. 

$BET’s use cases are rapidly expanding, with the most common ones being:

  • $BET allows token holders to vote on BGN developments and plans, in addition to providing governance rights to users of partner platforms like EarnBet. These privileges truly harness the essence of decentralization, bringing more power to the users;
  • $BET provides network incentives on BGN, so projects looking to get involved are required to burn the token or integrate it within their systems;
  • $BET stakers will be eligible to receive crypto rewards or additional perks from the BET Gaming Network. These include product discounts, access to product beta versions, special rates, free merchandise, and the option to pay with $BET across the platforms. 

$BET operates with a deflationary model where the token is burned, with the aim to increase its value. As an interoperable token, $BET also offers tremendous flexibility, as it can be utilized across multiple chains, like Ethereum, WAX, and the Binance Chain. 

Todays’ BET Gaming Network Partners

BeTheHouse is a newly-launched cryptocurrency casino with multiple entertaining games, built by the best developers in the business. Active wagering leads to STACK token mining, as well as leaderboard rewards. BTH received licensing and development support from BGN, and will return the favor by buying back and burning BET tokens with 20% of its revenue. 

EarnBet is a well-known decentralized casino, relying on blockchain technology to provide in-house games like Dice, Blackjack, Baccarat, HiLo, and Crash. Its profits are distributed towards $BET stakers, and also used as part of the deflationary mechanism. 

EOSBET is a EOS-based casino with a number of entertaining games, that uses its entire profits to buy back and burn $BET. In its early days, EOSBET ranked as the most popular EOS dApp by volume. 

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