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Best 5 Crypto Investments for 2020

Best 5 Crypto Investments for 2020

If history has taught crypto investors anything, it’s that not all coins are created equal. Today the market is larger than it’s ever been. This growth means that it’s harder to determine what coins are good investments and what coins to avoid. Luckily, there are some projects that differentiate themselves from the pack. Here are the Best 5 Crypto Investments for 2020.



GSX comes in at the top of the list because it’s the world’s only Quantum secured stable coin. This venture pegs the value of GSX to gold-rich lands and physical gold. Notably, the firm allows third-party audits of its gold reserves and you can convert your GSX to gold at any time.


Ownership Rights

Unlike some other gold-backed stable coins, GSX owners actually own their investment. All of the gold, mining equipment, and even the land is under the ownership and control of GSX holders. These token holders also receive yearly dividends for their investment.


GSX leverages the fourth-generation blockchain Apollo to accomplish these tasks. In this way, the platform combines the best technologies from different coin classes in an effort to provide a truly decentralized experience. 

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Trade GSX

GSX is currently in pre-sale. Early bird investors can look forward discounts as high as 50% when they purchase GSX from The company plans to burn 50% of non purchased tokens after the sale ends. This move adds value to the tokens in circulation.



Apollo comes in a close second due to its feature-rich ecosystem. Apollo leverages a variety of newly developed technologies to achieve true quantum resistance. The platform also allows anyone to create an advanced token in seconds without any technical background. 



Apollo offers users more flexibility. For example, users may choose between private and public transactions. You can even complete cross-chain atomic swaps using this protocol. In this way, Apollo makes it possible for developers and investors to streamline their processes.



Sharding is another vital feature Apollo utilizes to reduce blockchain congestion. This form of data storage provides the platform with an unlimited Dapps infrastructure.  In turn, Apollo can improve a variety of systems currently in place. 


Trade Apollo

Apollo is available at top exchanges such as Bitmart, Digifinex and HitBTC. You will need to first purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then, you can trade these coins directly for as much Apollo as you want.



NEO entered the market in 2017 as a Dapp development platform. Since its introduction, NEO has been of interest to investors. Originally, the coin received the nickname “Chinese Ethereum” due to its smart contract programmability and its focus on decentralized application development. Importantly, NEO is one of the only cryptocurrencies to receive support from the Chinese government.


NEO is Diverse 

Today, NEO functions as a cryptocurrency, programming platform, and digital identity verification system. Similar to Ethereum’s ecosystem, developers fund their protocols using a secondary internal cryptocurrency called gas. NEO is available from a variety of exchanges including Binance. 


BNB – Binance Coin

The Binance Coin (BNB) transformed the way exchanges operate in the market. Today, the BNB token plays an important role as an intermediary within the Binance ecosystem. Users can pay fees or trade cryptocurrencies using this coin. 


A True Winner

Notably, Binance is the world’s largest exchange in terms of market capitalization. As such, every month, new BNB trading pairs emerge on the platform. In turn, this provides the token with even more value. BNB is exclusive to Binance’s exchange.



TRON is another top contender in the crypto sphere. This token entered the market with the goal to lay the foundation for the decentralized internet. TRON seeks to create a free, global digital network that pays participants for their efforts. Notably, the company’s CEO, Justin Sun is one of the most vocal blockchain proponents in the market.


Join the TRON Family

Additionally, TRON has one of the largest public followings in the space. The TRON community includes developers, users, major corporations, and a variety of other service providers. Importantly, users can also stake their TRON and earn a passive income. TRON is available at Binance via BTC and ETH trading pairs.


Best 5 Crypto Investments for 2020

To be a successful investor you must do your own research (DYOR). Now that you have taken the time to gain some valuable insight into the market, you are ready to start investing. Be sure to stick to only reputable projects to avoid losing your crypto due to fraud or scammers. 


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