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Benefits Of Decentralized Research Desk Ecosystem, Admantium Finance To Token Holders

New crypto platforms are birthed regularly, and very few of them survive, while the rest are gone with the wind. Investors want to know how to decide what projects to invest in, out of the thousands of projects that grace the scene regularly. Admantium’s Research Desk does this by analyzing all the parameters surrounding a potentially successful crypto project and compares it with what is on the ground in that crypto project. Our research desk is data driven and thrives by making effective utilization and interpretation of information. 

The demand for Admantium Finance’s research desk services is high because of the number of new blockchain-based ecosystems and investors want to have access to properly analyzed data concerning them. They want to know which crypto projects to invest in and those to avoid. When the demand for a decentralized ecosystem like Admantium Finance increases, the underlying utility token will also skyrocket.

 Admantium Token

Admantium Token is the utility token of this decentralized fundraising platform, and holders of this token can access the incredible features on Admantium. It is an ERC20 token that is open to all and offers an entry to an incentivized community within the Admantium ecosystem. Users of this token can access the research desk, which includes advanced analytical tools, and can actively vote for community project selection. The keys of the city await anyone that has Admantium token.

Staking Admantium Token

Admantium is an ecosystem that preaches community governance; hence, it earmarks rewards to active users, especially those staking. Stakers in the ecosystem bask in a percentage reward, based on how many tokens they stake and for how long. Staking the token avails users privileged benefits, including guaranteed pro rata allocation in projects.

Admantium token bestows on the holder the ability to vote, using the token to decide which projects are onboarded. Democracy and decentralization are the watchwords of the ecosystem. When a proposal is submitted, community members vote on which one should stay and those that should not be implemented.

Holders of this token enjoy the fats of the land, as they can invest in as early backers round to public sale. When an innovative crypto project is in the works, community members are enlightened and they can decide to be the first to get in on the action. Having access to information in real-time furnishes users with the tools they need in making rational decisions.

Benefits of Admantium Token

A myriad of benefits awaits those that hold the Admantium Token, and they will be discussed below:

• Access to projects at the earliest rounds

Crypto enthusiasts and experts that make a killing in the crypto world, usually have access to intriguing cryptos before the general public does. During the earliest rounds, these maestros get involved, purchase the tokens of the new platform dirt cheap and build wealth. Admantium Finance has an analytical research desk, meaning that it interacts with innovative crypto projects that are yet to go mainstream and those that are already mainstream. Being a member of Admantium Finance’s ecosystem allows community members to have a picking of state-of-the-art blockchain-based projects right from their infancy stage.

• Pro-rata Voting Rights

Community governance is important to Admantium Finance, and this is why pro-rata voting rights are given to token holders. They are allowed to vote on what projects the community should acknowledge, both inside the ecosystem and outside. Every token holder is a stakeholder in the ecosystem. The voting rights that each holder possesses are dependent on the token holding the individual has. The larger the tokens an individual possesses, the higher the votes that accrue to to the holder.

• Share in revenue based on the amount of tokens held

Admantium Finance has a business model, spotting steady revenue streams, meaning that the ecosystem will be afloat with revenue. As a community-led platform that has a research desk and a future funding ecosystem, it will share the revenue earned among community members regularly. It operates on a revenue sharing model and distributes its revenue amongst all token holders.

Some of the revenue will be used in subsidizing the transaction fees of active users, taking the form of a discount. Others may be used in doing airdrops, bounties, and other reward systems.

Take a walk through our research desk.

Our research Desk adopts a macro and a micro approach towards analyzing the crypto market.

How To Reach Admantium Finance

To find more about the awesome features that Admantium Finance is offering, head to

For new and innovative crypto projects, Admantium Finance’s IDO is available. To apply for the IDO, head to

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Our community members are at hand to welcome and interact with you.

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