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Bartering Words to Words With UBE Coin Founder and CEO

ubecoin interview
  1. What is FreeTradeBarter and what would you say are the main advantages that FreeTradeBarter has over other barter platforms in the market today?
    Free Trade Barter is a global directory of businesses that accept Ubecoin as the medium of exchange for goods and services.

  2. For Mr. Shane Deas, Why do you think there is a need for Blockchain on barter platforms?
    Blockchain provides an immutable ledger that is open, honest and transparent affording merchants from around the world a means to facilitate cross border transactions near instantaneously without intermediaries or interference.

  3. Why should merchants and customers use FreeTradeBarter?
    Merchants are always looking for new ways to increase sales, gain new clients, improve idle capacity or shift redundant stock in a cost-effective way to improve profitability and exposure for their respective businesses and Free Trade Barter provides this solution.

  4. As you have mentioned in your Whitepaper that there will be a UBE Platinum membership, what is the need of the Platinum membership on the platform?
    The platinum membership has been designed for high volume traders within FTB and offers the traders a more in-depth experience when seeking out new products or offers within the platform.

  5. For countries like India where the market is huge and crypto is not regulated, how are you planning to let them join the platform and perform transactions?
    Anyone can participate with Free Trade Barter as the website is open for the world to see and Ubecoin will be openly available via exchanges and we view this as a major difference to every other “traditional Barter exchange” that purely concentrates on B2B only. The inclusion of everyday consumers is what’s required for any business to succeed and prosper.

  6. What are the Key Problems you see in the barter market? What are you primarily focusing on to solve?
    All barter exchanges are localized geographically as typically this is how a barter exchange make their money by forcing trades between these businesses and charging a cash fee for doing so. By doing this, there is no interoperability as each exchange has created its own version of a trade dollar which is not available for use on other platforms and cannot be converted to fiat to complete the sales cycle for the merchant. Its a merry go round with no exit. Ubecoin and Free Trade Barter plan on solving this major problem by the creation of a global platform to increase visibility and interoperability,  utilising Ubecoin as the medium of exchange being a transparent blockchain solution, not charging the merchant cash fees per transaction to improve profitability and provide the merchant with the option to convert to fiat from exchanges truly completing the sales cycle. Its a winning solution for any business trying to get ahead.

  7. What’s your personal opinion on blockchain and how do you imagine a future built with blockchain at its core?
    I am somewhat bias and can see solutions everywhere that blockchain can fix. The ability to complete a transaction in near instantaneous time, anywhere in the world and without interference is truly amazing.

  8. Please tell us about UBECoin and what is the use-case of Ubecoin on the barter platform?
    Ubecoin will provide uniformity as a medium of exchange globally as we disrupt traditional barter exchanges and their business in general, rendering traditional barter business models unable to compete on any level with Free Trade Barter. The real winner in this situation is the business owner who participates.

  9. As per your white paper, you are using a third party wallet to store the UBE coin, is there any specific reason for this?
    If yes then please share. Through our research we discovered that most people have an ERC20 compliant wallet that they prefer to use and are familiar with its features and functionality.

  10. In future do you have any plans to create your own wallet, if yes then when? Will it be available to download on the mobile phone?
    We have plans in the very near future to release our own branded Free Trade Barter wallets but this is still in R&D stage at present.

  11. What can our audience look forward to in the future, with your project?
    The next phase of our evolution is merchant onboarding into Free Trade Barter and furthering our partner network and product offers.

  12. Anything you would like to share with our audience?
    Ubecoin has just signed off on dual Initial Exchange Offers with Latoken & OEX offering the community a chance to participate in Ubecoin and get special coin bonus offers before Ubecoin is formally listed in June this year.

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