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AZ Fundchain Leverages Pitcher Perfect to Promote Financial Inclusion

The fundraising sector has been disrupted by the advent of crowdfunding platforms and money circles. These platforms have influenced and transformed the financial market and fundraising space. Widely accessible by investors and startups with great ideas and potential, these platforms do not provide ease of access to small investors, the unbanked community, small households, and a few start-ups.

Financial inclusion is the need of the hour and that is what AZ Fundchain stands firm on. AZ Fundchain provides a platform to everyone, irrespective of size, class or background, to come together and form crowdfunding or money circles, to raise funds and to provide the necessary capital for budding businesses and ideas. And all this, backed by the disruptive blockchain technology, will enhance security and transparency.

“We didn’t want to build the next big thing; we wanted to build the next most useful thing. A product that could create new foundations for our economic and social systems. Something that would bring an unbiased balance and financial freedom to everyone and anyone in the most transparent and safe way, expressed Mohamed Asif, CEO of AZ Fundchain.”

With the vision of financial inclusion in mind, AZ Fundchain attended the UCIM Pitcher Perfect event organized on February 15 in Singapore. Pitcher Perfect provides a platform where select Pitch projects and industry leaders as investors unite in a 2-day event and build connections.

CEO of AZ Fundchain, Mohamed Asif, presented his pitch in front of a group of investors which was appreciated for its practicality, relevance and a genuinely novel motive. Thereafter, he had a one-on-one interaction with investors through several velocity meetings for building networks and connections. Investors and professionals also took the opportunity to discuss and provide their valuable feedback through exclusive meetings.

Following the success of the last two events in Singapore, Pitcher Perfect announced Berlin to be the next stop for the 2-day event.  Berlin is a hub for such conferences and events due to the strong blockchain community and a stable regulatory framework it hosts. The event scheduled for April 24 will provide another opportunity to connect, network and unite the two ends of the crypto community.


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