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Australian Government Employee Arrested for Crypto-mining

Australian Government Employee Arrested for Crypto-mining

As per reports, a government employee of Australia appears in court for crypto mining using work equipment.

The Australian Federal Police allege the government employee for taking advantage of the position for his profit. Reportedly, the alleged 33 old is from Killara, New South Wales. He was working as an IT contractor for modification of computer systems of the government for crypto-mining.

According to data, the alleged man earned more than 9,000 Australian dollars out of crypto mining operation. Currently, he is facing a total of two charges. First, he faces unauthorized data modification causing impairment. Second, unauthorized restricted data modification, the man faces. Presently, the name of the alleged man remains unknown. But, the charges are pretty heavy for his crimes. Hence, it might cause him penalties of a maximum of 10 years and a minimum of 2 years of imprisonment.

Similarly, Chris Goldsmith, the Acting Commander, comments on the case. He says that the taxpayers in Australia trust public officials for performing significant roles. They trust them to perform duties with the utmost integrity. Therefore, authorities will investigate any betrayal of public trust through criminal conducts. They will also prosecute such alleged criminals for maximum penalties.

Utilizing someone else’s expenditure for own interest is enticing

Indeed, there is involvement in the cost of electricity to run profit from crypto mining. So, if someone is utilizing someone else’s expenditure for their interest is enticing.

Similarly, a Chinese man attracted to the temptation and utilized public electricity to power Bitcoin mining. As a result, he stole about 15,000 dollar worth of public electricity. As per matter of fact, he utilized electricity that came from the local railway network.

Eventually, there was another case involving two Chinese teachers by crypto mining. The authorities caught the school teachers from China miming ETH at their workplace. Interestingly, school management suspected first when the network of school went low. After then, on through investigation, the two teachers came out in the light.

Therefore, these types of hackers move all over the world and utilize sources for their gain. And it is not very difficult to notice these people. If there is a tremendous increase in the electricity bill, one can notice and suspect the crime to be going on. From that onwards, authorities can investigate on the issue to catch the hack.

Australian authorities describe the crime as a very serious matter

On the other hand, the Australian authorities describe the crime as a very serious matter. With the news, it marks another time the government employees caught in trouble. Many times, people use public assets for personal benefits.

Another example involving similar includes an ex-employee of the Federal Reserve Board of Directors. The authorities fined the ex-employee with 5,000 dollars. The alleged mined Bitcoins on US central bank’s server. Therefore, they put him into probation.

The list continues including many cases around the world. Surprisingly, nuclear scientists are one of the Russian weapons facility engaged in similar crimes.  

After all, crypto mining is emerging as a highly profitable business. However, with the increase in miners, the hash rate increases as well. As a result, crypto mining becomes very difficult.

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