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Are companies relying on outdated internet systems?

Today, we might be at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution powered by artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and the likes, but several inefficiencies plague the existing network infrastructures. While we are endlessly running after smaller storage units and chip sizes, companies continue to rely on cumbersome and sizeable systems.

For instance, a basic task of setting up a server is quite extensive and at times, expensive as well. Implementation of virtualized solutions cannot entirely replace a physical infrastructure. Even if we let such limitations of the system pass, there is a significant level of vulnerability which is impossible to ignore. The hardware backing such services is prone to hacking as is evident by the daily news, and to make it worse, it’s quite costly to replace or fix such hardware.

It’s true that for data storage more advanced solutions like the cloud are available, but they too come with their own set of flaws. 90% of the companies today store their data online on the cloud, and they keep worrying about its security.

Confidentiality breaches, data loss, and identity theft are not unknown to the world. In fact, they have been in the headlines several times in the past year.

All such imperfections have led the minds behind Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services to think that the internet is becoming increasingly impractical.

However, they also feel that these issues can be fixed by enabling the virtualization of the company’s entire network infrastructure in a safe environment. Titanium does so by offering IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), a solution powered by a dedicated Ethereum Blockchain.

Having around two decades of experience in an established technology consultancy specializing in infrastructure management, Michael Stollaire, founder of TBIS understands the industry’s needs precisely. Given his unmatched expertise, Stollaire has brought together experts from business management, internet network infrastructure, and blockchain technology to develop an all-encompassing solution for every company- small, medium or large.

TBIS can thus, foster an upgrade of the internet and solve the issues that are revolving around it today.

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