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All You Should Know About Crypto Trading AutoBots in 2020

Year 2017 was the year to bring mass awareness about the decentralized economy and digital currency, which whopped $572 billion cryptocurrency market cap. Well, that’s a huge industry size and with that much floating around, it practically makes sense why both investors both retails and institutional have turned to trading bots for help.

To simplify, we can say that trading bot programs runs on an algorithm that executes trades on its own on your behalf. There are endless benefits to using a crypto trading bot as opposed to making all of your manual trades.

How Crypto Trading Bots Work

If you want to do bot trading, then you initially need to give access to your trading accounts or exchange account to the bot through APIs. When you enable a bot, you need to provide API private and public keys, which will give the bot access to your account, funds, and market too.

In other words, API keys are used as a third-party service to access data within an exchange. A crypto trading bot can gain access to the information about the market, trade on behalf of the user, and also access information on your funds in their account. You can also delete the API keys on the exchange, when you want to remove the access of the bot to your account.

Best Crypto Trading Bots

As 2017 is the era of digital currency and 2019 was the era of bot trading or autobot trading. Countess automated trading bots have popped up last year in cryptoverse. Some of these are good and some are simply scams or flawed, don’t work at all. But, with that said, there are several powerful and trustworthy bots out there that can improve the portfolio of even the most experienced trader some which can be trusted are mentioned below

  • Trade Santa
  • Cryptohopper
  • Bitcoin loophole
  • HodlBot

How Can I Get These Bitcoin Trading autobots?

First of all, they all have different fee structures. Some have trials of 7 days like Trade Santa or Hodlbot, whereas some are free of charge. Unlike Tradesanta, Bitcoin Loophole does not charge anything but when you make trades they charge a small fee. Their fundamental rule is THEY WILL MAKE PROFIT WHEN YOU WILL MAKE PROFIT and this hand rule is genuinely intriguing.

Another point is that when you’ve made your gains, you can and withdraw your funds. This is a significant factor in trading, and the Bitcoin Loophole entirely understands this. They’ve made great efforts, and you will receive your money in 48 hours.

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