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AITCA Platform : A Secure & Private Blockchain Solution

Blockchain technology is all the rage at the moment. Firms across the globe are looking to leverage the upstart technology to simplify processes, improve accountability, and remove many a traditional intermediary. AITCA Platform, enters the space with a private blockchain offering aimed at providing a package of products harnessing blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, as well as IOT (Internet Of Things) with a focus on privacy and security

AITCA, which stands for Artificial Intelligence Technology Cryptocurrency Assets, is a free Private Blockchain Network. The network gives users access to blockchain, IoT, encrypted cloud storage, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), AI, Smartbots, as well as cyber security functionality all on a single platform. The AITCA team have made it their mission to provide organizations with a secure network, enabling private video, voice and text chats along with the ability to live conference streaming.

The private network also allows users to tokenize their product or service, allowing speedier and more transparent trading and/or bartering. Assets generated on the AITCA ecosystem can be set up to represent land value, music rights, fiat currency (More stablecoins incoming), digital assets, consulting services and anything else one can imagine. AITCA assets are a hybridized version of tokens/and digital coins, which opens up more possibilities in terms of use cases.

Due to the robustness of the AITCA network’s technology offering, it can be used in a number of industries, from Healthcare to the legal industry, Government, Realty and many more. The network’s encrypted cloud service can be utilized to store personal and corporate data, as well as medical, governmental and media files.

We are not a platform that will do an ICO or be as media heavy as some of the others. We will focus on our users privacy and the offerings we give them as our base users/niche users are those who seek a high level of privacy and a platform/network that provides many tools for that. AITCA encompasses that.” – commented the AITCA team to BizZnerd.

Unlike most popular blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, NEO, or EOS, AITCA has opted to go the private route. This approach is designed to circumvent the issues that arise from mining,privacy (or lack thereof), and the openness of public blockchain by employing an integrated management of user permissions strategy. By ensuring that blockchain activity is only visible to certain chosen users, implementing controls on the type of transactions permitted, and enabling mining activity without the associated costs of Proof of Work, AITCA’s private offering preempts many of the scaling challenges that lead to forking of blockchain.

AITCA’s main focus besides our primary industries which are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT, is privacy. We are a private platform. Which is conveyed heavily in all our products. AITCA’s primary blockchain is permissioned and private. So as of now no one mine’s on it. We will have a public chain launching in the next month in which users will be able to mine and also follows their transactions on our block explorer.” – AITCA to BizZnerd

The private network has been hard at work, building out their system. They have release a set of free apps that gives users assess to encrypted cloud services, and messenger. The IoT firm hasalso has a VoIP service in the works. Users will be able to purchase VoIP packages from AITCA through the company’s AITCA payments service.

“What sets us apart from other chains/platforms is our heavy focus on users privacy. As we know privacy in today’s world is a very heavy importance to many. The milestones reached thus far have been creating and deploying all our first generation apps that are part of our private network (we also have VPN, Messenger and Cloud services), and now will focus on building out the network, improving our Blockchain Platform, and adding to our privacy tools and encryption were we can.” – AITCA

AITCA, which launched a cannabis service allowing for easier trade between registered cannabis growers and wholesalers in October 2018, may become an attractive offering for businesses looking to leverage Blockchain, or AI to streamline processes due to it’s focus on privacy. Not being bogged down by many of the problems common with public blockchains, AITCA may offer the most practical path to adoption traditional business make take in terms of these new-age technologies.

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