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Activision Blizzard join forces with NebulaPlan as Hashing Alliance

Activision Blizzard

If you are into gaming, you might have been familiar with Activision Blizzard. However, most might not be aware of how the company was started. Activision Blizzard have stayed under the radar for the past two decades, despite being one of the industry leaders who set the precedence for computer graphic team battle games.

What you might not know is that, Activision Blizzard ’ s technology contributed important advancements for the gaming industry such as:

1. Seamless map integration

Data exchange between each map varies. The hard drive will only start reading data from neighbouring plots when zone transition is in place.

2. Cross-server

It is almost the same as setting up a new battle zone. When the user completed his operations, all user data will be transferred to the new battle zone.

3. Plane mirror

Plane mirror in gaming perpetuates itself as a ‘virtual image’ which acts as the point of view for the audiences viewing the battle.

4. Cross-server plane mirror

The independent architecture allows parallel upgrades. More of such groundbreaking technology can be applied to emerging fields.

On 5 February, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick announced during the earnings call that, the mobile version of World of Warcraft – one of its most popular games – is under development and multiple versions will be available for gamers. After this announcement, Blizzard Activision’s stock price was sent up to 1984 levels, with record valuation. This come show the kind of value World of Warcraft brings to the company.

In an interview, Blizzard Production Director Patrick Dawson shared that mobile and Virtual Reality-enabled games are in within the company ’ s R&D roadmap. This created opportunities for Blizzard to partner with outstanding technology allies to co-create possibilities for the gaming industry and beyond.

Blizzard Activision is joining forces with Nebula Plan, using community user behaviors as reference model and generated capabilities as hashing power. The game itself not only requires combat skills, but also depends on the responsiveness of the hardware. In the future, during a combat, the AI engine can allocate hashing power to the user for a better gaming experience. When the user is on idle mode but the game is still running, hashing power can be grouped into independent and parallel storages. Users can contribute idle hashing power to the community and support the infrastructure. Hashing power can also be used to generate plane mirror virtual images.

Following the R&D and release of the mobile version of World of Warcraft, NebulaPlan will join forces with more gaming and entertainment companies to co-develop a plane mirror gaming phone. When a user is not gaming, the phone can allocate idle hashing power to the community and get rewarded accordingly.

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