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Abandoned Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) Surges to a 5x Rise in Solid Volume

Bitcoin Dark

BitcoinDark (BTCD), abandoned by its creators in 2014, has peaked at a 400% growth in its value. The former owners jumped off the BitcoinDark wagon, in favour of Komodo (KMD). Komodo also peaked at a high of $1.57 since July with a total growth of 17%.

BitcoinDark was first created to compete with Bitcoin, then was dumped in preference for KMD.There is a total of 1.3 million BTCD according to Coin Market Cap.

A Twitter handle by the name of @worstcryptocal raised an issue regarding the mysterious sudden rise of BitcoinDark.

Twitter handle

Transactions on the market also strengthened to a total of USD$700,000 compared to recent trading volumes of USD$100,000 – USD$200,000. BTCD trading against Bitcoin (BTC) accounted for 85% of the total traded volume on Poloniex exchange.

BTCD launched to a peak of more than USD$100 on Tuesday from around USD$20 on Monday, this was the highest peak it has observed since May 11, 2018.

The sudden surge is yet to be completely explained. The bullish move is being associated with a pump and dump or some inside trader information being discovered. Komodo trades also rose to a volume of more than USD$3,000,000 in a 24 hour period.

Twitter handle

Another Twitter user who goes by the handle @bibtheman tweeted regarding the risky nature of the sharp rise and also commented regarding the inaction on half of the SEC.

BitcoinDark is redundant at the moment and does not have a roadmap. BitcoinDark was absorbed by the Komodo project, even though it is still recognized as a currency on CoinMarketCap at a value of USD$105.

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