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A new cryptocurrency with local-to-local cashback system for sustainability and prosperity

Our economy and financial system are primarily focused on the short term and on self-interest. In the neoliberal world, we are constantly dealing with crises: climate change, depletion of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, inequality, hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Global capital, multinationals, and large banks are too powerful. Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid global spread of the virus make this international entanglement even more clear and the change to a more local-to-local society the more urgent.

The effective transition towards sustainability and prosperity for everyone

We start with a reassessment of our ‘values’ concept, envisioning the kind of world we want to live in and considering a system that is more sustainable and prosperous. More and more people accept the belief that things can be done differently and better and feel an urgent need to turn things around now so that self-interest cannot dominate the world anymore.

Introducing a cashback system

The cashback system, as a mild form of basic income, refunds everyone that buys local and sustainable products and services. This makes these products more affordable. This puts pressure on the current system, where managers of large companies (that are too big to fail) achieve maximum profits for their shareholders and bonuses for themselves with global oligopolistic competitive methods. It is time that the interests of the environment, employees, consumers, and other involved parties were taken into account.

Supporting Local-2-local communities

Local-2-local communities are competent to reconnect producers and consumers via trust-building in short chains and to introduce new fair forms of money via community coins. They have the ability to close ecological cycles locally and build sovereign regions by own governance. As a result, multinationals get fewer opportunities to operate in a global market. They can then no longer play countries against each other and gain benefits such as tax reduction.

Introducing a new cryptocurrency system based on blockchain technology

A new cryptocurrency system, the L2L coin, ensures that consumers and connected companies at the local level can easily find each other and do business. Unlike fiat money or other stable coins, which are subject to inflation, the L2L cryptocurrency, based on its own blockchain, will show a steady rise in value. The local communities are linked worldwide and the decentralized blockchain guarantees openness and transparency. This prevents people from having to take on debts with banks, limiting the power of the banks.

The 2local platform is well underway. Currently, the website, Whitepaper, and Blogs are available at 2local. Information is disposable in 24 languages/countries/communities. For mobiles an account with a wallet for members, KYC Check, MVP 2.0 Android and iOS apps are operational. There are about 30.000 verified account holders. Crypto and fiat money is accepted. 2local is active on social media with about 130.000 followers and 65 social community managers.

The 2local platform is ready to take the next step: developing a marketplace app, a new build blockchain 3.0 with cashback system and multi-currency wallet, and coin design for a rising exchange rate. 2local invites you to actively participate in the follow-up process and take part in testing the system.

Be part of this revolution and save people and the planet by achieving a sustainable and prosperous world!


Please contact us via [email protected]

The 2local Team

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