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A Great Time To Invest In Bitcoin In 2020

Bitcoin to die in next 10 years

The BITCOIN fever in 2020 seems to have disappeared. That madness that unleashed between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, reaching a historical maximum close to $ 20,000, disappeared almost as fast as it arrived. At that time, some “gurus” of finance were encouraged to predict that in the coming years the BITCOIN would reach prices of more than € 50,000 and that world trade would gradually move to use this cryptocurrency as a currency.

Apparently nothing further from reality was what has ended up happening since that December of 2017 until these days. The BITCOIN price has plummeted month by month until reaching the beginning of the year 2019 with values ​​almost 6 times lower! to that historic peak, generating more than a headache for those who bought cryptocurrency at the time. However, the constant fluctuations of this market have made the quintessential cryptocurrency to rebound in mid-2019 to locate its value around $ 12,000 with a strong increase in the months of May and June, mainly.

What will happen to the BITCOIN in 2020?

The constant fluctuations of this “new” market make it difficult to estimate the prices that the BITCOIN will reach in 2020. Even the experts are very cautious when it comes to making an analysis and even more so when answering the big question: how to invest in bitcoin in 2020?

Well, there are some factors that will have to be taken into account and indicators that will have to be followed closely before making any movement.

To start, we can see what happened to the cryptocurrency last year (2019). The year started with a relatively low value around US $ 3,500 – 5,000 during the months of January to April, without showing any major shocks or major changes. Such tranquility predicted that it would be a very quiet year for this item and investors began to set their eyes on more attractive assets. However, the market had an accelerated growth from the second quarter of the year. Its value has reached 12,000 dollars.

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As has happened in recent years, the price of Bitcoin fell sharply again just after reaching its annual maximum. By the end of 2019 the value of this cryptocurrency had dropped to approximately $ 6,500.

Why all this analysis? Well, the point is that Bitcoin is not stable at all. Its value fluctuates a lot and for those who are investors of a more conservative profile it may not be the best option. However, just as there is the possibility of losing a lot of money if we do not make the purchase in those peaks of value, it is also true that if we make a good analysis of some indicators, we could get an investment that multiplies our money in a matter of weeks.

Halving. How will Halving affect the price of Bitcoin?

For starters we are going to say, without being deep in this definition since it is not what interests us in this article, that halving is an automatic and periodic process by which it is halved block rewards to bitcoin “miners”. In order not to do a technical analysis of the cryptocurrency code, we will say that it matters to investors is that this process reduces the “issuance” of new units of this virtual currency.

So, we can affirm almost with total certainty, that the price of Bitcoin will rise a lot when this occurs. When will it happen? It is not a certainty since it depends on factors that we will not detail, but it is expected with some certainty that it will be in the middle of April of this 2020.

What will be the value of Bitcoin after Halving? That is more difficult to predict, although experts consider that the value will be between $ 30,000 and $ 35,000. This means that it is highly recommended that we acquire Bitcoins during the first months of 2020, the earlier the better.

After the Halving process and taking into account not only what the experts believe but also what we have seen of the fluctuations in the market, it is almost certain that after touching a historical maximum, the value of Bitcoin will plummet for the last four-month period of 2020. It will be a window of time of a few weeks in which the price will remain high and then fall drastically. Then it will be time to sell.

Other factors that we must consider for the year 2020 are:

Bank marketing: It is expected that the pressure from consumers and bank customers will take effect and, finally, these entities will accept the operation with cryptocurrencies, which would generate a significant increase in the market, with a consequent appreciation in the price.

China: As you surely know, there are some countries that prohibit the trading of cryptocurrencies. Two of them, huge markets in terms of the number of potential buyers that would add up, such as Russia and China. The latter, a market of more than a billion people could legalize, according to what is believed, the use of cryptocurrencies during 2020, generating a true flurry of new consumers. If this is done effectively, the price of Bitcoin will rise sharply.

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